Named Genes at TGD

Gene Name Feature Name
AAC1 TTHERM_00052310 ADP/ATP Carrier
AAG1 TTHERM_00715720 homolog of AlkylAdenine DNA Glycosylase 1
AAP1 TTHERM_00444700 Ada2-associated protein 1
AAP2 TTHERM_00313140 Ada2-associated protein 2
AAP3 TTHERM_00502120 Ada2-associated protein 3
AAP4 TTHERM_00670640 Ada2-associated protein 4
AAP5 TTHERM_00464970 Ada2-associated protein 5
AAP6 TTHERM_00145290 Ada2-associated protein 6
AAP7 TTHERM_00046390 Ada2-associated protein 7
AAP8 TTHERM_00420400 Ada2-associated protein 8
AAT1 TTHERM_00242120 Aspartyl protease AcetylTransferase 1
ABC1 TTHERM_01020700 ABC family protein 1
ABC10 TTHERM_00320020 ABC transporter 10
ABC2 TTHERM_00137850 ABC transporter protein 2
ABC3 TTHERM_00912240 ABC transporter protein 3
ACO1 TTHERM_00037470 ACOnitase
ACT1 TTHERM_00190950 ACTin 1
ACT2 TTHERM_00975380 Actin
ADA2 TTHERM_00790730 transcriptional ADAptor 2
ADF73 TTHERM_00794150 Actin-Depolymerizing Factor 73
AFA1 TTHERM_00088010 AAA Family ATPase 1
AIP1 TTHERM_00530680 Asf1-Interacting Protein 1
AIP2 TTHERM_00565630 Asf1-Interacting Protein 2
AIP3 TTHERM_00307700 Asf1-Interacting Protein 3
AKM1 TTHERM_00011230 Advancer of K+ through the cell Membrane 1
ALG1 TTHERM_00954200 Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 1
ALG11 TTHERM_00666220 Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 11
ALG2 TTHERM_00335960 Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 2
ALG5 TTHERM_00047110 Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 5
ALG6 TTHERM_00500810 Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 6
ALG7 TTHERM_00070990 Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 7
ALG8 TTHERM_00127130 Asparagine-Linked Glycosylation 8
ALT1 TTHERM_00647130 Alpha-Like Tubulin 1
ALT2 TTHERM_00923000 Alpha-Like Tubulin 2
ALT3 TTHERM_01054190 Alpha-Like Tubulin 3
ALV1 TTHERM_00945250 ALVeolin 1
ALV2 TTHERM_00088030 ALVeolin 2
AMT1 TTHERM_00704040 Adenine MethylTransferase (AMT) 1 targeting position N-six of Adenine
AMT2 TTHERM_00388490 Adenine MethylTransferase (AMT) 2 targeting position N-six of Adenine
AMT3 TTHERM_00558100 Adenine MethylTransferase (AMT) 3 targeting position N-six of Adenine
AMT4 TTHERM_00962190 Adenine MethylTransferase (AMT) 4 targeting position N-six of Adenine, homolog of budding yeast IME
AMT5 TTHERM_00136470 Adenine MethylTransferase (AMT) 5 targeting position N-six of Adenine
AMT6 TTHERM_01005150 Adenine MethylTransferase (AMT) 6
AMT7 TTHERM_00301770 Adenine MethylTransferase (AMT)7
Anqa1 TTHERM_00766460
Anqa10 TTHERM_00120820
Anqa11 TTHERM_00723590
Anqa12 TTHERM_00388590
Anqa13 TTHERM_00136410
Anqa14 TTHERM_00600840
Anqa2 TTHERM_00777050
Anqa3 TTHERM_01049270
Anqa4 TTHERM_01049280
Anqa5 TTHERM_00466120
Anqa6 TTHERM_00005890
Anqa7 TTHERM_00577120
Anqa8 TTHERM_00142450
Anqa9 TTHERM_00146250
AOS1 TTHERM_00519760 Activation Of Smt3p 1
AOS2 TTHERM_00215960 Activation Of Smt3p 2
APA2 TTHERM_00896070 Adaptor Protein 2 Alpha subunit 2
APB1 TTHERM_00219370 Adaptor Protein complex 1 Beta subunit 1
APB2 TTHERM_00582140 Adaptor Protein complex 1 Beta subunit 2
APC1 TTHERM_00824040 Anaphase Promoting Complex subunit 1
APC10 TTHERM_00526690 Anaphase-Promoting Complex 10
APC11 TTHERM_00522770 Anaphase Promoting Complex subunit 11
APC2 TTHERM_00825120 Anaphase-Promoting Complex subunit 2
APE4 TTHERM_00316010 Adaptor Protein 4 complex Epsilon subunit 4
APG1 TTHERM_00715750 Adaptor Protein 1 complex Gamma subunit 1
APG11 TTHERM_00287890 Adaptor Protein 1 complex Gamma chain 11
APG2 TTHERM_00444312 Adaptor Protein 1 complex Gamma subunit 2
APM1 TTHERM_00577030 Adaptor Protein complex Medium subunit 1
APM2 TTHERM_01108620 Adaptor Protein complex Medium subunit 2
APM3 TTHERM_00455300 Adaptor Protein complex Medium subunit 3
APM3 TTHERM_00572100 adaptor complex medium (μ) subunit
APN2 TTHERM_00794600 APurinic Nuclease 2
APRO1 TTHERM_00112830 Anaphase PROmoting
APRT1 TTHERM_00011180 adenine phosphoribosyltransferase1
ARF1 TTHERM_00735240 ADP-Ribosylation Factor 1
ARK1 TTHERM_00684590 AuRora Kinase 1
ARP1 TTHERM_00630470 Acidic Repetitive Protein 1
ARP2 TTHERM_00310470 Actin-Related Protein 2
ARP3 TTHERM_00442100 Actin-Related Protein 3
ARP4 TTHERM_00378580 Actin-Related Protein 4
ARP5 TTHERM_00133470 Actin-Related Protein 5
ARP6 TTHERM_01005190 Actin-Related Protein 6
ARP8 TTHERM_00311980 Actin-Related Protein 8
ARS1 TTHERM_00473110 Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase 1
ARS2 TTHERM_00221140 Alanyl-tRNA Synthetase 2
ART1 TTHERM_00221020 Acyl-CoA Reductase/Transferase 1
ASF1 TTHERM_00442300 Anti-Silencing Factor 1
ASI1 TTHERM_00191490 Anlagen Stage Induced 1
ASI2 TTHERM_00191480 Anlagen Stage Induced 2
ATA2 TTHERM_00624760 ATP Transport Apparatus 2
ATG10 TTHERM_00012980 AutTophaGy 10
ATG18 TTHERM_00614790 AuTophaGy 18
ATG3 TTHERM_01050620 AuTophaGy 3
ATG5 TTHERM_00494030 AuTophaGy 5
ATG6 TTHERM_00455640 AuTophaGy 6
ATG7 TTHERM_00138370 AuTophaGy 7
ATG8 TTHERM_00522490 AuTophaGy related 8
ATG82 TTHERM_00037460 AuTophaGy related 82
ATP1 TTHERM_00571860 ATP synthase 1
ATP2 TTHERM_00585260 ATP synthase 2
ATR1 TTHERM_01008650 ATR ortholog 1
ATU1 TTHERM_00558620 Alpha-TUbulin 1
AUR1 TTHERM_00334280 AURora kinase 1
AVP1 TTHERM_00283800 Autophagic Vacuolar Protein 1
AXE1 TTHERM_00058820 Ankyrin/histone H3 methyl transferase and EXosome 3-5 exoribonuclease 1
AXE2 TTHERM_01205350 Ankyrin/histone H3 methyl transferase and EXosome 3-5 exoribonuclease 2
BBC118 TTHERM_00406590
BBC14 TTHERM_00433830
BBC20 TTHERM_00529770
BBC23 TTHERM_01194830
BBC29 TTHERM_00688560 Basal Body Component 29
BBC30 TTHERM_00388640
BBC31 TTHERM_00161270
BBC37 TTHERM_00267880
BBC39 TTHERM_00688340 Basal Body Component 39
BBC42 TTHERM_00151990
BBC49 TTHERM_01513260
BBC52 TTHERM_00219350
BBC53 TTHERM_00016360 Basal Body Component 53
BBC57 TTHERM_00155380
BBC73 TTHERM_00143690
BBC78 TTHERM_00220710
BBC82 TTHERM_00703920
BCD1 TTHERM_00637770 Broaden Cortical Domains 1
BIME2 TTHERM_00530659 BIvalents in MEiosis 2
BLT1 TTHERM_01104960 Beta-Like Tubulin 1
BLT2 TTHERM_01104970 Beta-Like Tubulin 2
BLT3 TTHERM_01104980 Beta-Like Tubulin 3
BLT4 TTHERM_01120592 Beta-Like Tubulin
BLT5 TTHERM_01620840 Beta-Like Tubulin 5
BLT6 TTHERM_00834960 Beta-Like Tubulin 6
BMS1 TTHERM_01262830 BMS1 homolog
BNI1 TTHERM_00239220 Bud Neck Involved 1
BNI2 TTHERM_00312240 Bud Neck Involved 2
BrAn-1 TTHERM_00073170 Bromodomain and Ankyrin Repeat Domain 1
BRCT2 TTHERM_00490710 BRCA1 carboxy-Terminus (BRCT) domain protein 2
BRE1 TTHERM_00790530 E3 ubiquitin ligase BRE1
BrEt-2 TTHERM_00499530 Bromodomain and ET domain 2
BrEt-3 TTHERM_000446029 Bromodomain and ET domain 3
BRF1 TTHERM_00442590 Transcription initiation factor TFIIIB, BRF1 subunit
BRG1 TTHERM_01245640 Brahma-Related Gene 1
Brop-1 TTHERM_00715810 Bromodomain containing protein 1
Brop-2 TTHERM_00449140 Bromodomain containing protein 2
Brop-3 TTHERM_00146040 Bromodomain containing protein 3
Brop-4 TTHERM_00529810 Bromodomain containing protein 4
BroW-1 TTHERM_00142380 Bromodomain and WD40 1
BSU1 TTHERM_01107320
BSU2 TTHERM_00623060
BTU1 TTHERM_00348510 Beta TUbulin 1
BTU2 TTHERM_00836580 Beta-Tubulin 2
bZIP1 TTHERM_00522030 Kind of bZiP TF
Cac2 TTHERM_00219420 CAF1 subunit Cac2
CAM1 TTHERM_00630500 CAlModulin 1
CAPK1 TTHERM_01333220 Calmodulin-domain kinase
CAR1 TTHERM_00410180 CARboxypeptidase 1
CAT1 TTHERM_01146030 CATalase 1
CBF5 TTHERM_00095540 Centromere Binding Factor 5
CBSB1 TTHERM_00066830 Cytochrome b5 Steroid Binding family and this is the first one to be named
CCCP1 TTHERM_00196650 Cortical-expressing Calpain-family Cysteine Protease 1
CCD39 TTHERM_00227220 Coiled-Coil Domain 39
CCF10 TTHERM_00038890 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 10
CCF11 TTHERM_00585170 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 11
CCF12 TTHERM_00086780 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 12
CCF13 TTHERM_00570550 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 13
CCF3 TTHERM_01002860 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 3
CCF4 TTHERM_01002870 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 4
CCF6 TTHERM_00516380 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 6
CCF7 TTHERM_00516390 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 7
CCF8 TTHERM_00471040 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 8
CCF9 TTHERM_00038880 C-terminal Crystallin Fold 9
CCP1 TTHERM_00777270 Cytoplasmic Cytoskeletal Protein 1
CCT2 TTHERM_00149340 Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 ortholog 2
CCT3 TTHERM_00239290 Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 ortholog 3
CCT4 TTHERM_00037050 Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 ortholog 4
CCT5 TTHERM_00134970 Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 ortholog 5
CCT6 TTHERM_00670500 Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 ortholog 6
CCT7 TTHERM_00497960 Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 ortholog 7
CCT8 TTHERM_00037060 Chaperonin Containing TCP-1 ortholog 8
CDA12 TTHERM_00013410 Cell Division Arrest 12
CDC14  TTHERM_00431330 Cell Division Cycle
CDC16 TTHERM_00327340 Cell Division Cycle 16
CDC2 TTHERM_01207660 Cell Division Cycle 2
CDC23 TTHERM_00736470 Cell Division Cycle 23
CDC33 TTHERM_00583420 Cell Division Cycle 33
CDC42 TTHERM_00267910 Small rho-like GTPase CDC42
CDC45 TTHERM_00584810
CDC5  TTHERM_00191790 Cell Division Cycle 
CDC55 TTHERM_00600480 protein phosphatase CDC55
CDC7 TTHERM_00729170 CDC7 protein kinase
CDC73 TTHERM_00760490 Cell Division Cycle 73
CDK1 TTHERM_00411810 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 1
CDK10 TTHERM_00318700 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 10
CDK11 TTHERM_00576780 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 11
CDK13 TTHERM_00267860 Cyclin Dependent Kinase 13
CDK14 TTHERM_00394590 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 14
CDK15 TTHERM_01035490 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 15
CDK16 TTHERM_00624260 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 16
CDK17 TTHERM_00066860 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 17
CDK18 TTHERM_00784290 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 18
CDK19 TTHERM_00339880 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 19
CDK20 TTHERM_01347900 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 20
CDK21 TTHERM_000837979 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 21
CDK22 TTHERM_000937671 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 22
CDK3 TTHERM_00011670 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 3
CDK4 TTHERM_00286770 Cyclin Dependent Kinase 4
CDK5 TTHERM_01080600 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase
CDK6 TTHERM_00837980 Cyclin Dependent Kinase 6
CDK7 TTHERM_00133750 Cyclin Dependent Kinase 7
CDK8 TTHERM_00717780 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 8
CDK9 TTHERM_00185770 Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 9
CDPK1 TTHERM_00079490 Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinase 1
CDPK6 TTHERM_00160930 Calcium/Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase
CDT1 TTHERM_00277530 CDT1-like 1
CEG1 TTHERM_00760200 Capping Enzyme Guanylyltransferase 1
CEN1 TTHERM_00384910 CENtrin 1
CEN2 TTHERM_00523060 CENtrin 2
CEN3 TTHERM_00689850 CENtrin 3
CEN4 TTHERM_00444870 CENtrin 4
CEN5 TTHERM_00052500 CENtrin 5
CEN6 TTHERM_00442810 CENtrin 6
CEN7 TTHERM_00194330 CENtrin 7
CET1 TTHERM_00283330
CHC1 TTHERM_00275740 Clathrin Heavy Chain-like 1
CHD1 TTHERM_00193800 Chromo-Helicase-DNA-binding domain 1
CHD3 TTHERM_00049310 Chromo-Helicase-DNA-binding domain 3
CHL1 TTHERM_00683180 CHromosome Loss 1
CHN1 TTHERM_00794490 CHitiNase 1
CHN2 TTHERM_00196530 CHitiNase 2
CHN3 TTHERM_00527400 CHitiNase 3
CHN4 TTHERM_01433580 CHitiNase 4
CHS1 TTHERM_00599940 CHitin Synthase 1
CHS10 TTHERM_00006080 CHitin Synthase
CHS11 TTHERM_00442110 CHitin Synthase
CHS12 TTHERM_00822150 CHitin Synthase
CHS2 TTHERM_00134900 CHitin Synthase
CHS3 TTHERM_00134910 CHitin Synthase
CHS4 TTHERM_00113090 CHitin Synthase
CHS5 TTHERM_00113060 CHitin Synthase
CHS6 TTHERM_00113050 CHitin Synthase
CHS7 TTHERM_00113040 CHitin Synthase
CHS8 TTHERM_00113030 CHitin Synthase
CHS9 TTHERM_00011640 CHitin Synthase
CIDE1 TTHERM_00075790 Conjugation Induced DNA Elimination Protein
CIP1 TTHERM_00891190 CDK-cyclin-interacting protein
CIT1 TTHERM_00529790 CITrate synthase 1
CIT2 TTHERM_00049070 CITrate synthase 2
CLP1 TTHERM_00590200
CMB1 TTHERM_00590090 CalModulin-Binding 1
CMCB1 TTHERM_00474360 Conjugation induced Macronuclear Chromatin Binder 1
CMK2  TTHERM_00532590 CalModulin dependent protein Kinase
CMT1 TTHERM_00431250 mRNA Cap guanine-N7 MethylTransferase 1
CMT2 TTHERM_00102830 mRNA Cap guanine-N7 MethylTransferase 2
CNA1 TTHERM_00146340 CENP-A-like 1
CNBL1 TTHERM_00483650 CalcineuriN B-Like 1
CNJB TTHERM_01091290 CoNJugation-specific B
CNPL1 TTHERM_00429890 Conserved nucleoplasmin like 1
COI10 TTHERM_01367700 COnjugation-Induced 10
COI11 TTHERM_00189440 COnjugation-Induced 11
COI12 TTHERM_00402050 COnjugation-Induced 12
COI15 TTHERM_00006160 COnjugation-Induced 15
COI16 TTHERM_00564492 COnjugation-Induced
COI17 TTHERM_00497670 COnjugation-Induced 17
COI18 TTHERM_00197670 COnjugation-Induced 18
COI19 TTHERM_01085480 COnjugation-Induced 19
COI2 TTHERM_00046930 COnjugation-Induced 2
COI21 TTHERM_00193969 COnjugation-Induced 21
COI3 TTHERM_00526270 COnjugation-Induced 3
COI4 TTHERM_00522820 COnjugation-Induced 4
COI6 TTHERM_00086720 COnjugation-Induced 6
COI7 TTHERM_00348580 COnjugation-Induced 7
COI8 TTHERM_00134800 COnjugation-Induced 8
COM1 TTHERM_00460480 Meiotic double-strand break-induced reCOMbination 1
CON1 TTHERM_00471390 CONjugation-associated transporter 1
COP1 TTHERM_00488350 COat Protein (COP) complex subunit 1
CPAP1 TTHERM_00382220
CPD1 TTHERM_00486070 CAP-D2 homolog 1
CPD2 TTHERM_00392760 CAP-D2 homolog
CPG1 TTHERM_00919690 homolog of CAP-G or YCG1 condensin gene
CPH1 TTHERM_00728870 homolog of CAP-H, BRN1 condensin gene
CPH2 TTHERM_00540340 homolog of CAP-H or BRN1 condensin gene
CPH3 TTHERM_00554600 homolog of CAP-H or BRN1 condensin gene
CPH4 TTHERM_01299730 homolog of CAP-H or BRN1 condensin gene
CRMP1 TTHERM_00442310 cysteine repeat modular protein 1
CRMP2 TTHERM_00637180 cysteine repeat modular protein 2
CRN1 TTHERM_00293380 CoRoNin 1
CROP1 TTHERM_000354599 Ciliary Row Organizing Protein 1
CRP1 TTHERM_00313380 Calcium Regulator Protein 1
CRS1 TTHERM_00560000 Cysteinyl-tRNA Synthetase 1
CSKA1 TTHERM_01345800 CaSein Kinase Alpha subunit 1
CSKA2 TTHERM_01000180 CaSein Kinase Alpha subunit 2
CSKB1 TTHERM_00780530 CaSein Kinase Beta subunit 1
CSL4 TTHERM_00354990 exosome complex component CSL4
CST1 TTHERM_01014460 Calcium-dependent Serine/Threonine kinase 1
CSY1 TTHERM_00997720 Cyclophilin peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase and SYF2 pre-mRNA splicing factor fusion protein 1
CTF18 TTHERM_00483610 Chromosome Transmission Fidelity 18
CTH1 TTHERM_00052190 CaTHepsin 1 (Cathepsin D)
CTH10 TTHERM_00112980 CaTHepsin 10
CTH100 TTHERM_00874750 CaTHepsin 100
CTH101 TTHERM_00879300 CaTHepsin 101
CTH102 TTHERM_00879290 CaTHepsin 102
CTH103 TTHERM_00079640 CaTHepsin 103
CTH104 TTHERM_00802340 CaTHepsin 104
CTH105 TTHERM_00486630 CaTHepsin 105
CTH106 TTHERM_01354270 CaTHepsin 106
CTH107 TTHERM_01074550 CaTHepsin 107
CTH108 TTHERM_00660420 CaTHepsin 108
CTH109 TTHERM_00079600 CaTHepsin 109
CTH11 TTHERM_01128620 CaTHepsin 11
CTH110 TTHERM_00268060 CaTHepsin 110
CTH111 TTHERM_00881330 CaTHepsin 111
CTH112 TTHERM_00878210 CaTHepsin 112
CTH113 TTHERM_00079550 CaTHepsin 113
CTH114 TTHERM_00418260 CaTHepsin 114
CTH115 TTHERM_00683060 CaTHepsin 115
CTH116 TTHERM_00874740 CaTHepsin 116
CTH117 TTHERM_00881320 CaTHepsin 117
CTH118 TTHERM_00683020 CaTHepsin 118
CTH119 TTHERM_00660390 CaTHepsin 119
CTH12 TTHERM_00561510 CaTHepsin 12
CTH120 TTHERM_00945290 CaTHepsin 120
CTH121 TTHERM_01354260 CaTHepsin 121
CTH122 TTHERM_00660410 CaTHepsin 122
CTH123 TTHERM_00660380 CaTHepsin 123
CTH124 TTHERM_00660360 CaTHepsin 124
CTH125 TTHERM_00629950 CaTHepsin 125
CTH13 TTHERM_00037350 CaTHepsin 13
CTH15 TTHERM_00112990 CaTHepsin 15
CTH16 TTHERM_00402180 CaTHepsin 16
CTH17 TTHERM_01128630 CaTHepsin 17
CTH18 TTHERM_01128640 CaTHepsin 18
CTH19 TTHERM_00561530 CaTHepsin 19
CTH2 TTHERM_00011710 CaTHepsin 2
CTH20 TTHERM_01053070 CaTHepsin 20
CTH21 TTHERM_00433600 CaTHepsin 21
CTH22 TTHERM_01053040 CaTHepsin 22
CTH23 TTHERM_00971740 CaTHepsin 23
CTH24 TTHERM_01053050 CaTHepsin 24
CTH25 TTHERM_00678540 CaTHepsin 25
CTH26 TTHERM_00561540 CaTHepsin 25
CTH27 TTHERM_00600720 CaTHepsin 27
CTH28 TTHERM_00046380 CaTHepsin 28
CTH29 TTHERM_00437390 CaTHepsin 29
CTH3 TTHERM_00321680 CaTHepsin 3
CTH30 TTHERM_00502690 CaTHepsin 30
CTH31 TTHERM_00102779 CaTHepsin 31
CTH32 TTHERM_01248970 CaTHepsin 32
CTH33 TTHERM_00079660 CaTHepsin 33
CTH34 TTHERM_00628610 CaTHepsin 34
CTH35 TTHERM_00564440 CaTHepsin 35
CTH36 TTHERM_00102770 CaTHepsin 36
CTH37 TTHERM_00823810 CaTHepsin 37
CTH38 TTHERM_00911100 CaTHepsin 38
CTH39 TTHERM_00083480 CaTHepsin 39 (cathepsin B)
CTH4 TTHERM_00445920 CaTHepsin 4
CTH40 TTHERM_00641150 CaTHepsin 40
CTH41 TTHERM_00079670 CaTHepsin 41
CTH42 TTHERM_01028740 CaTHepsin 42
CTH43 TTHERM_01028750 CaTHepsin 43
CTH44 TTHERM_00908100 CaTHepsin 44
CTH45 TTHERM_00149810 CaTHepsin 45
CTH46 TTHERM_00348660 CaTHepsin 46
CTH47 TTHERM_00083500 CaTHepsin 47
CTH48 TTHERM_00191280 CaTHepsin 48
CTH49 TTHERM_00925850 CaTHepsin 49
CTH5 TTHERM_00128320 CaTHepsin 5
CTH50 TTHERM_01001420 CaTHepsin 50
CTH51 TTHERM_00375030 CaTHepsin 51
CTH52 TTHERM_01276400 CaTHepsin 52
CTH53 TTHERM_00910100 CaTHepsin 53
CTH54 TTHERM_00191270 CaTHepsin 54
CTH55 TTHERM_01359470 CaTHepsin 55
CTH56 TTHERM_00925870 CaTHepsin 56
CTH57 TTHERM_00129010 CaTHepsin 57
CTH58 TTHERM_00853070 CaTHepsin 58
CTH59 TTHERM_00842600 CaTHepsin 59
CTH6 TTHERM_00437370 CaTHepsin 6
CTH60 TTHERM_00881370 CaTHepsin 60
CTH61 TTHERM_00128990 CaTHepsin 61
CTH62 TTHERM_00075840 CaTHepsin 62
CTH63 TTHERM_01359480 CaTHepsin 63
CTH64 TTHERM_00483400 CaTHepsin 64
CTH65 TTHERM_00075890 CaTHepsin 65
CTH66 TTHERM_00502370 CaTHepsin 66
CTH67 TTHERM_01256520 CaTHepsin 67
CTH68 TTHERM_00691630 CaTHepsin 68
CTH69 TTHERM_00945300 CaTHepsin 69
CTH7 TTHERM_00647470 CaTHepsin 7
CTH70 TTHERM_00129000 CaTHepsin 70
CTH71 TTHERM_00439240 CaTHepsin 71
CTH72 TTHERM_00755950 CaTHepsin 72
CTH73 TTHERM_00879270 CaTHepsin 73
CTH74 TTHERM_00586760 CaTHepsin 74
CTH75 TTHERM_00525070 CaTHepsin 75
CTH76 TTHERM_00660450 CaTHepsin 76
CTH77 TTHERM_00320290 CaTHepsin 77
CTH78 TTHERM_00879280 CaTHepsin 78
CTH79 TTHERM_00558010 CaTHepsin 79
CTH8 TTHERM_01027660 CaTHepsin 8
CTH80 TTHERM_00877100 CaTHepsin 80
CTH81 TTHERM_00660440 CaTHepsin 81
CTH82 TTHERM_00268050 CaTHepsin 82
CTH83 TTHERM_00895720 CaTHepsin 83
CTH84 TTHERM_00735230 CaTHepsin 84
CTH85 TTHERM_01008660 CaTHepsin 85
CTH86 TTHERM_00881450 CaTHepsin 86
CTH87 TTHERM_00079580 CaTHepsin 87
CTH88 TTHERM_00879230 CaTHepsin 88
CTH89 TTHERM_00016590 CaTHepsin 89
CTH9 TTHERM_01128610 CaTHepsin 9
CTH90 TTHERM_00161130 CaTHepsin 90
CTH91 TTHERM_00483410 CaTHepsin 91
CTH92 TTHERM_00881380 CaTHepsin 92
CTH93 TTHERM_00881420 CaTHepsin 93
CTH94 TTHERM_00079650 CaTHepsin 94
CTH95 TTHERM_00881410 CaTHepsin 95
CTH96 TTHERM_00013200 CaTHepsin 96
CTH97 TTHERM_00069680 CaTHepsin 97
CTH98 TTHERM_00532060 CaTHepsin 98
CTH99 TTHERM_00530660 CaTHepsin 99
CTR9 TTHERM_01337390 Cln Three (CLN3) Requiring 9
CUT1 TTHERM_00016050 Common Unknown Transmembrane 1
CVP1 TTHERM_00047400
CVP2 TTHERM_00694430
CYC1 TTHERM_00196590 CYClin 1
CYC10 TTHERM_00433390 CYClin 10
CYC11 TTHERM_00526250 CYClin 11
CYC12 TTHERM_00962160 CYClin 12
CYC13 TTHERM_01128530 CYClin 13
CYC14 TTHERM_00189230 CYClin 14
CYC15 TTHERM_00425970 CYClin 15
CYC16 TTHERM_00780580 CYClin 16
CYC17 TTHERM_00693080 CYClin 17
CYC18 TTHERM_00827080 CYClin 18
CYC19 TTHERM_00698650 CYClin 19
CYC2 TTHERM_00079530 CYClin 2
CYC20 TTHERM_00624450 CYClin 20
CYC21 TTHERM_00784350 CYClin 21
CYC22 TTHERM_00933270 CYClin 22
CYC23 TTHERM_00732460 CYClin 23
CYC24 TTHERM_00842480 CYClin 24
CYC25 TTHERM_00717540 CYClin 25
CYC26 TTHERM_00066840 CYClin 26
CYC27 TTHERM_000576939 CYClin 27
CYC28 TTHERM_00082190 CYClin 28
CYC29 TTHERM_00649450 CYClin 29
CYC3 TTHERM_00180970 CYClin 3
CYC30 TTHERM_00726380 CYClin 30
CYC31 TTHERM_00013060 CYClin 31
CYC32 TTHERM_00049420 CYClin 32
CYC33 TTHERM_00294860 CYClin 33
CYC34 TTHERM_00535270 CYClin 34
CYC4 TTHERM_01043080 CYClin 4
CYC5 TTHERM_00192000 CYClin 5
CYC6 TTHERM_00194440 CYClin 6
CYC7 TTHERM_00293270 CYClin 7
CYC8 TTHERM_00332170 CYClin 8
CYC9 TTHERM_00940290 CYClin 9
CYP1 TTHERM_00881440 CYsteine Protease 1
CYT1 TTHERM_00918500 CYTochrome c1
DCD1 TTHERM_00498180 DeoxyCytidylate Deaminase
DCL1 TTHERM_00284230 DiCer-Like 1
DCP2 TTHERM_00825680 mRNA-DeCaPping 2
DCR1 TTHERM_01216140 DiCeR 1
DCR2 TTHERM_00316189 DiCeR 2
DDI1 TTHERM_00335720 DNA Damage Inducible 1
DED1 TTHERM_00301940 DNA Elimination Defective 1
DED2 TTHERM_00285420 DNA Elimination Defective 2
DES24 TTHERM_00438800 C-24 Sterol DeEthylase
DES5 TTHERM_01194720 C-5(6) sterol DESaturase 5
DES7 TTHERM_00310640 C-7(8) sterol DESaturase 7
DESI1 TTHERM_00664030 DeSumoylating Isopeptidase 1
DFB1 TTHERM_00128290 Deep Fibre Bundle
DIC2 TTHERM_00487150 Dynein Intermediate Chain 2
DIC3 TTHERM_00079230 Dynein Intermediate Chain 3
DIC4 TTHERM_00773750 Dynein Intermediate Chain 4
DIC5 TTHERM_00196380 Dynein Intermediate Chain 5
DIC6 TTHERM_00446430 Dynein Intermediate Chain 6
DIE5 TTHERM_00686240 Defective in IES Excision 5
DIM1 TTHERM_00794280 DIMethylase of 18S rRNA 1
DIS31 TTHERM_00304170 Exosome complex exonuclease DIS3-1
DIS32 TTHERM_00047440 Exosome complex exonuclease DIS3-2
DISA1 TTHERM_00941400 DISorientation of basal bodies
DJR1 TTHERM_00526590 DJ-1 Related
DJR2 TTHERM_00526580 DJ-1 Related
DLC82 TTHERM_00449029 Dynein Light Chain 82
DMA1 TTHERM_00357110 DNA-Methyltransferse-1-Associated protein 1
DMC1 TTHERM_00459230 Disrupted Meiotic CDNA 1
DMT1 TTHERM_00773500 DNA MethylTransferase 1
DNA2 TTHERM_00136030 DNA replication ATP-dependent helicase
DNF1  TTHERM_00294760 Drs2 Neo1 Family
DNK1 TTHERM_00585320 DeoxyNucleoside Kinase 1
DOP1 TTHERM_00758980 DOPey domain-containing protein 1
DPB2 TTHERM_00048980 DNA Polymerase B subunit 2
DPK1 TTHERM_00203010 DNA-dependent Protein Kinase 1
DPL1 TTHERM_00107000 E2F Dimerisation Partner Like
DPL2 TTHERM_00047010 E2F Dimerisation Partner Like
DPL3 TTHERM_00016410 E2F Dimerisation Partner Like
DRB1 TTHERM_00078870 Double-stranded RNA Binding protein 1
DRB2 TTHERM_00825510 Double-stranded RNA Binding 2
DRH1 TTHERM_00190830 DExD/H box RNA helicase 1
DRH10 TTHERM_00095530 DExD/H box RNA Helicase 10
DRH11 TTHERM_00105060 DExD/H box RNA helicase 11
DRH12 TTHERM_00220750 DExD/H box RNA helicase 12
DRH13 TTHERM_00683160 DExD/H box RNA helicase 13
DRH14 TTHERM_00469380 DExD/H box RNA helicase 14
DRH15 TTHERM_00923120 DExD/H box RNA helicase 15
DRH16 TTHERM_00497150 DExD/H box RNA helicase 16
DRH17 TTHERM_00371290 DExD/H box RNA helicase 17
DRH18 TTHERM_01197120 DExD/H box RNA helicase 18
DRH19 TTHERM_00522650 DExD/H box RNA helicase 19
DRH2 TTHERM_00420420 DExD/H box RNA helicase 2
DRH20 TTHERM_00444310 DExD/H box RNA helicase 20
DRH21 TTHERM_00441760 DExD/H box RNA helicase 21
DRH22 TTHERM_00112510 DExD/H box RNA helicase 22
DRH23 TTHERM_00120930 DExD/H box RNA helicase 23
DRH24 TTHERM_01044780 DExD/H box RNA helicase 24
DRH25 TTHERM_00411600 DExD/H box RNA helicase 25
DRH27 TTHERM_00196320 DExD/H box RNA helicase 27
DRH28 TTHERM_00316680 DExD/H box RNA helicase 28
DRH29 TTHERM_01126400 DExD/H box RNA helicase 29
DRH30 TTHERM_00628560 DExD/H box RNA helicase 30
DRH31 TTHERM_00628520 DExD/H box RNA helicase 31
DRH32 TTHERM_00628550 DExD/H box RNA helicase 32
DRH33 TTHERM_01034400 DExD/H box RNA helicase 33
DRH34 TTHERM_00302060 DExD/H box RNA helicase 34
DRH35 TTHERM_00449630 DExD/H box RNA helicase 35
DRH36 TTHERM_00700870 DExD/H box RNA helicase 36
DRH37 TTHERM_00372500 DExD/H box RNA helicase 37
DRH38 TTHERM_00419730 DExD/H box RNA helicase 38
DRH39 TTHERM_00991550 DExD/H box RNA helicase 39
DRH4 TTHERM_00295100 DExD/H box RNA helicase 4
DRH40 TTHERM_00316180 DExD/H box RNA helicase 40
DRH41 TTHERM_00219180 DExD/H box RNA helicase 41
DRH42 TTHERM_00725930 DExD/H box RNA helicase 42
DRH43 TTHERM_00485980 DExD/H box RNA helicase 43
DRH44 TTHERM_00392950 DExD/H box RNA helicase 44
DRH45 TTHERM_00579150 DExD/H box RNA helicase 45
DRH5 TTHERM_00991620 DExD/H box RNA helicase 5
DRH6 TTHERM_00036980 DExD/H box RNA helicase 6
DRH7 TTHERM_00455140 DExD/H box RNA helicase 7
DRH8 TTHERM_00131240 DExD/H box RNA helicase 8
DRH9 TTHERM_00187140 DExD/H box RNA helicase 9
DRP1 TTHERM_00486790 Dynamin Related Protein 1
DRP2 TTHERM_00188910 Dynamin-Related Protein 2
DRP4 TTHERM_01194760 Dynamin Related Protein 4
DRP6 TTHERM_01194810 Dynamin Related Protein 6
DRP7 TTHERM_00218320 Dynamin-Related Protein
DRS1 TTHERM_00616050 Aspartyl-tRNA synthetase 1
DRS2 TTHERM_00592750 Aspartyl-tRNA synthetase 2
DSK2 TTHERM_00835350 DSK2 ortholog
DTD1 TTHERM_00624310 D-Tyr-tRNA Deacylase 1
DTS1 TTHERM_00312120 Dihydrofolate reductase-Thymidylate Synthase 1
DTU1 TTHERM_00335970 Delta-TUbulin 1
DTX1 TTHERM_000313079 DelTeX E3 ubiquitin ligase 1
DUT1 TTHERM_00248320 DeoxyUridine 5'-Triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase
DYH1 TTHERM_00046310 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH10 TTHERM_00420340 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH11 TTHERM_00252430 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH12 TTHERM_00919540 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH13 TTHERM_01104900 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH14 TTHERM_00492830 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH15 TTHERM_00433800 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH16 TTHERM_00558640 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH17 TTHERM_00850620 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH18 TTHERM_00047540 DYnein Heavy chain 18
DYH19 TTHERM_01027670 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH2 TTHERM_00558310 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH20 TTHERM_00821980 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH22 TTHERM_00565600 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH23 TTHERM_00355100 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH24 TTHERM_00193520 DYnein Heavy chain 24
DYH25 TTHERM_00774810 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH3 TTHERM_01276420 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH4 TTHERM_00499300 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH5 TTHERM_00486600 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH6 TTHERM_00688470 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH7 TTHERM_00912290 DYnein Heavy chain
DYH8 TTHERM_00531870 Dynein Heavy chain
DYH9 TTHERM_00947430 DYnein Heavy chain
DYN1 TTHERM_00294940 DYNein complex 1
DYN2 TTHERM_00283830 DYNein complex 2
E2FL1 TTHERM_00695710 E2F Like
E2FL2 TTHERM_01099150 E2F Like
E2FL3 TTHERM_00721610 E2F Like
E2FL4 TTHERM_01076950 E2F Like
EBP1 TTHERM_00558460 microtubule-Binding Protein 1
EBP2 TTHERM_00112440 microtubule-binding protein
EEF2 TTHERM_00938820 Eukaryotic translation Elongation Factor
EF1BL1 TTHERM_00859260 Elongation Factor 1 Beta Like 1
EFR1 TTHERM_00516370 Elongation Factor 2 Related 1
EFR2 TTHERM_00961880 Elongation Factor 2 Related 2
EIF1 TTHERM_00538910 Eukaryotic translation Initiation Factor 1
EIF6 TTHERM_00732590 Eukaryotic translation Initiation Factor 6
ELP1 TTHERM_00024050 ELongation Protein 1
ELP2 TTHERM_00312230 ELongation Protein 2
ELP3 TTHERM_00637650 ELongation Protein 3
EMA1 TTHERM_00088150 En-MA 1 (the lord of death in Japanese)
EMA2 TTHERM_00113330 SUMO E3 ligase Ema2
EMG1 TTHERM_00322910 Essential for Mitotic Growth 1
EMIT1 TTHERM_00039000 Enables Micronucleus Transcription
EMIT2 TTHERM_01055420 Enables Micronucleus Transcription
EML12 TTHERM_00559720 EMAP-Like Protein 12
EMT1 TTHERM_000471729 ELK1 domain-binding Macronuclear Transcription factor 1
END5 TTHERM_00283840 ENDonuclease V family protein 5
ENO1 TTHERM_00486480 ENOlase 1
ENO2 TTHERM_00046480 ENOlase 2
ENO3 TTHERM_00474960 ENOlase 3
EOA1 TTHERM_00823650 Epi-like Oral Apparatus 1
EPA1 TTHERM_00578520 EPiplasmin A1; the major protein component of the membrane skeleton (epiplasm); influences cell shap
EPB1 TTHERM_00637010 EPB1 - EPiplasmin B1
EPC1 TTHERM_00379000 EPiplasmin C 1
EPI35 TTHERM_00481300 EPIplasmic protein 35
EPK1 TTHERM_00543590 EpipPlasm associated Kinase 1
EPK2 TTHERM_00584700 EpiPlasm associated Kinase 2
EPN1 TTHERM_01227760 EpiPlasmiN 1
EPN3 TTHERM_000481318 EPiplasmiN 3
ERF1 TTHERM_00292170 Eukaryotic Release Factor 1
ERF2 TTHERM_00283550 Eukaryotic Release Factor 2
ERI1 TTHERM_00501020 ExoRIbonuclease 1
ERI2 TTHERM_00585450 ExoRIbonuclease 2
ERI3 TTHERM_00037140 ExoRIbonuclease 3
ERI4 TTHERM_00127080 ExoRIbonuclease 4
ERI5 TTHERM_00684720 ExoRIbonuclease 5
ERI6 TTHERM_00947410 ExoRIbonuclease 6
ERI7 TTHERM_000688830 ExoRIbonuclease
ERI8 TTHERM_00433590 ExoRIbonuclease 8
ERS1 TTHERM_00974260 glutamyl-tRNA Synthetase 1
ERS2 TTHERM_00471840 glutamyl-tRNA Synthetase 2
ERS3 TTHERM_00056140 glutaminyl-tRNA Synthetase 3
ERS4 TTHERM_00721810 glutaminyl-tRNA Synthetase 4
ERS5 TTHERM_00420680 glutamyl-tRNA Synthetase 5
ESP1 TTHERM_00297160 Extra Spindle Pole 1
ETA1 TTHERM_00266660 ETA-tubulin 1
ETU1 TTHERM_00118700 Epsilon-TUbulin 1
EXO1 TTHERM_01179960 EXOnuclease 1
EZL1 TTHERM_00335780 Enhancer of Zeste-Like 1
EZL2 TTHERM_00300320 Enhancer of Zeste-Like 2
EZL3 TTHERM_00499660 Enhancer of Zeste-Like 3
FAA2  TTHERM_00375010 Fatty Acid Activation 
FAN1 TTHERM_01132870 putative homolog of human protein FAN1
FAND1 TTHERM_00459450 putative homolog to FAND1
FAP206 TTHERM_00820660 Flagellar Associated Protein 206
FAP251 TTHERM_01262850 Flagellar Associated Protein 251
FAP61 TTHERM_00641200 Flagellar Associated Protein 61
FAP91 TTHERM_00578560 Flagellar Associated Protein 91
FBP1 TTHERM_00058590 Fructose-1,6-BisPhosphatase 1
FDD1 TTHERM_00648790 Fatty acid Desaturase Domain
FDD2 TTHERM_00444260 Fatty acid Desaturase Domain
FDD3 TTHERM_00666950 Fatty acid Desaturase Domain
FDD4 TTHERM_00666960 Fatty acid Desaturase Domain
FEN1 TTHERM_00780850 FENestrin 1
FEOR TTHERM_00846910 Family of Iron oxygenase, First named
FER2 TTHERM_00886960 ferlin 2
FIB1 TTHERM_00138080 FIBrillarin 1
FIM1 TTHERM_00136510 FIMbrin 1
FIMP1 TTHERM_01046850 FACT-interacting mysterious protein 1
FKB1 TTHERM_00227040 FK506 Binding protein 1
FLP1 TTHERM_00497900 FLiPpase
FLP10 TTHERM_00372460 FLiPpase
FLP11 TTHERM_00797940 FLiPpase
FLP12 TTHERM_00797960 FLiPpase
FLP13 TTHERM_00123720 FLiPpase
FLP14 TTHERM_00600310 FLiPpase
FLP15 TTHERM_00977720 FLiPpase
FLP16 TTHERM_01359440 FLiPpase
FLP17 TTHERM_00325570 FLiPpase
FLP18 TTHERM_00411630 FLiPpase
FLP19 TTHERM_01166280 FLiPpase
FLP2 TTHERM_01123860 FLiPpase
FLP4 TTHERM_00840160 FLiPpase
FLP5 TTHERM_00684740 FLiPpase
FLP6 TTHERM_00715640 FLiPpase
FLP7 TTHERM_00316630 FLiPpase
FLP8 TTHERM_00994350 FLiPpase
FLP9 TTHERM_00797970 FLiPpase
FMT1 TTHERM_01035710 Methionyl-tRNA ForMylTransferase 1
FOP1 TTHERM_00537420 FOP amine-terminal 1
FOP2 TTHERM_00689980 FOP amine-terminal 2
Forc1 TTHERM_00841280 Friend of RebL1 in conjugation
FRS1 TTHERM_00133690 Phenylalanyl(F)-tRNA Synthetase 1
FRS2 TTHERM_00218410 Phenylalanyl(F)-tRNA Synthetase 2
FRS3 TTHERM_00678250 Phenylalanyl(F)-tRNA Synthetase 3
FSF1 TTHERM_00295700 Formaldehyde dehydrogenase/S-formylglutathione hydrolase fusion protein
FTT1 TTHERM_00592720 Fourteen-Three-Three 1
FTT18 TTHERM_00216010 Fourteen-Three-Three 18
FTT49 TTHERM_00160770 Fourteen-Three-Three 49
FZY1 TTHERM_00248420 FiZzY 1
FZY2 TTHERM_00825380 FiZzY 2
FZY3 TTHERM_00526610 FiZzY 3
FZY4 TTHERM_00193430 FiZzY 4
FZY5 TTHERM_00106870 FiZzY 5
FZY6 TTHERM_01005120 FiZzY 6
FZY7 TTHERM_01014470 FiZzY 7
FZY8 TTHERM_00242270 FiZzY 8
FZY9 TTHERM_00441940 FiZzY 9
GAL5 TTHERM_00043770 GALactosidase 5
GCN1  TTHERM_00444500 General Control Nonderepressible
GCP2 TTHERM_00426160 Gamma-tubulin Complex Protein 2
GCP3 TTHERM_00112620 Gamma-tubulin Complex Protein 3
GCP4 TTHERM_01220340 Gamma-tubulin Complex Protein 4
GCP5 TTHERM_00522990 Gamma-tubulin Complex Protein 5
GDP1 TTHERM_00701150 Glycerophosphoryl Diester Phosphodiesterase 1
GEF1 TTHERM_00569500 Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factor 1
GIP1 TTHERM_00439250 Granule-biosynthesis Induced Protease 1
GIW1 TTHERM_01276320 Gentleman-In-Waiting 1
GLC3 TTHERM_01435670 GLyCogen branching enzyme 3
GND1 TTHERM_00655560 6-phosphoGlucoNate Dehydrogenase 1
GPM1 TTHERM_00641240 Glycerate PhosphoMutase
GPM2 TTHERM_00571980 Glycerate PhosphoMutase
GPN2 TTHERM_00821910 GPN-loop GTPase 2
GPN3 TTHERM_00441810 GPN-loop GTPase 3
GPP1 TTHERM_00218980 G-Patch Protein 1
GPR37 TTHERM_00633170 Gene Protein coupled Receptor 37
GPR6 TTHERM_00925490 G-Protein coupled Receptor 6
GPX1 TTHERM_00630010 Glutathione PeroXidase 1
GPX10 TTHERM_000141169 Glutatione PeroXidase
GPX11 TTHERM_00661720 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX2 TTHERM_00895660 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX3 TTHERM_01099010 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX4 TTHERM_00895640 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX5 TTHERM_00895650 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX6 TTHERM_00895630 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX7 TTHERM_00046110 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX8 TTHERM_00046090 Glutathione PeroXidase
GPX9 TTHERM_00141170 Glutathione PeroXidase
GRL1 TTHERM_00527180 GRanule Lattice
GRL2 TTHERM_00473020 GRanule Lattice
GRL3 TTHERM_00624730 GRanule Lattice
GRL4 TTHERM_00624720 GRanule Lattice
GRL5 TTHERM_00378890 GRanule Lattice
GRL6 TTHERM_00321730 GRanule Lattice
GRL7 TTHERM_00522600 GRanule Lattice
GRL8 TTHERM_01055600 GRanule Lattice
GRL9 TTHERM_01018540 GRanule Lattice
GRPE1 TTHERM_00086760 GRPE heat shock protein 1
GRS1 TTHERM_00106940 Glycyl-tRNA Synthetase 1
GRT1 TTHERM_00221120 GRanule Tip 1
GRT2 TTHERM_00221130 GRanule Tip 2
GST1 TTHERM_00405440 Glutathione S-transferase mu 1, TtGSTm1, GSTm1
GST10 TTHERM_00405400 Glutathione S-transferase mu 10, TtGSTm10, GSTm10
GST11 TTHERM_00405450 Glutathione S-transferase mu 11, TtGSTm11, GSTm11
GST12 TTHERM_00630270 Glutathione S-transferase mu 12, TtGSTm12, GSTm12
GST13 TTHERM_00602860 Glutathione S-transferase mu 13, TtGSTm13, GSTm13
GST14 TTHERM_00490870 Glutathione S-transferase mu 14, TtGSTm14, GSTm14
GST15 TTHERM_00490880 Glutathione S-transferase mu 15, TtGSTm15, GSTm15
GST16 TTHERM_00490900 Glutathione S-transferase mu 16, TtGSTm16, GSTm16
GST17 TTHERM_00490890 Glutathione S-transferase mu 17, TtGSTm17, GSTm17
GST18 TTHERM_00602870 Glutathione S-transferase mu 18, TtGSTm18, GSTm18
GST19 TTHERM_00569200 Glutathione S-transferase mu 19, TtGSTm19, GSTm19
GST2 TTHERM_00211500 Glutathione S-transferase mu 2, TtGSTm2, GSTm2
GST20 TTHERM_00569160 Glutathione S-transferase mu 20, TtGSTm20, GSTm20
GST21 TTHERM_00569210 Glutathione S-transferase mu 21, TtGSTm21, GSTm21
GST22 TTHERM_00274620 Glutathione S-transferase mu 22, TtGSTm22, GSTm22
GST23 TTHERM_01289030 Glutathione S-transferase mu 23, TtGSTm23, GSTm23
GST24 TTHERM_00332090 Glutathione S-transferase mu 24, TtGSTm24, GSTm24
GST25 TTHERM_00151420 Glutathione S-transferase mu 25, TtGSTm25, GSTm25
GST26 TTHERM_00794370 Glutathione S-transferase mu 26, TtGSTm26, GSTm26
GST27 TTHERM_00516440 Glutathione S-transferase mu 27, TtGSTm27, GSTm27
GST28 TTHERM_00518469 Glutathione S-transferase mu 28, TtGSTm28, GSTm28
GST29 TTHERM_00516420 Glutathione S-transferase mu 29, TtGSTm29, GSTm29
GST3 TTHERM_00895770 Glutathione S-transferase mu 3, TtGSTm3, GSTm3
GST30 TTHERM_00129770 Glutathione S-transferase mu 30, TtGSTm30, GSTm30
GST31 TTHERM_00672290 Glutathione S-transferase mu 31, GSTm31, TtGSTm31
GST32 TTHERM_00661620 Glutathione S-transferase mu 32, TtGSTm32, GSTm32
GST33 TTHERM_00661640 Glutathione S-transferase mu 33, TtGSTm33, GSTm33
GST34 TTHERM_00661650 Glutathione S-transferase mu 34, TtGSTm34, GSTm34
GST35 TTHERM_00169100 Glutathione S-transferase mu 35,TtGSTm35,GSTm35
GST36 TTHERM_00169110 Glutathione S-transferase mu 36, TtGSTm36, GSTm36
GST37 TTHERM_00166100 Glutathione S-transferase mu 37, TtGSTm37, GSTm37
GST38 TTHERM_00661660 Glutathione S-transferase mu 38, TtGSTm38, GSTm38
GST39 TTHERM_00661570 Glutathione S-transferase mu 39, TtGSTm39, GST39
GST4 TTHERM_00895760 Glutathione S-transferase mu 4, TtGSTm4, GSTm4
GST40 TTHERM_00661580 Glutathione S-transferase mu 40, TtGSTm40, GSTm40
GST41 TTHERM_00661630 Glutathione S-transferase mu 41, TtGSTm41, GSTm41
GST42 TTHERM_00463010 Glutathione S-transferase mu 42, TtGSTm42, GSTm42
GST43 TTHERM_00661538 Glutathione S-transferase mu 43, TtGSTm43, GSTm43
GST44 TTHERM_00077530 Glutathione S-transferase mu 44, TtGSTm44, GSTm44
GST45 TTHERM_00077550 Glutathione S-transferase mu 45, TtGSTm45, GSTm45
GST46 TTHERM_00689990 Glutathione S-transferase mu 46, TtGSTm46, GSTm46
GST47 TTHERM_00077560 Glutathione S-transferase mu 47, TtGSTm47, GSTm47
GST48 TTHERM_00473230 Glutathione S-transferase mu 48, TtGSTm48, GSTm48
GST49 TTHERM_00205200 Glutathione S-transferase mu 49, TtGSTm49, GSTm49
GST5 TTHERM_00895750 Glutathione S-transferase mu 5, TtGSTm5, GSTm5
GST50 TTHERM_00499540 Glutathione S-transferase theta 1, TtGSTt1, GSTt1
GST52 TTHERM_00729240 Glutathione S-transferase theta 3, TtGSTt3, GSTt3
GST53 TTHERM_00499550 Glutathione S-transferase theta 4, TtGSTt4, GSTt4
GST54 TTHERM_00260690 Glutathione S-transferase theta 5, TtGSTt5, GSTt5
GST55 TTHERM_00572000 Glutathione S-transferase omega 1, TtGSTo1, GSTo1
GST56 TTHERM_00400730 Glutathione S-transferase omega 2, TtGSTo2, GSTo2
GST57 TTHERM_00572010 Glutathione S-transferase omega 3, TtGSTo3, GSTo3
GST58 TTHERM_00572020 Glutathione S-transferase omega 4, TtGSTo4, GSTo4
GST59 TTHERM_00630450 Glutathione S-transferase omega 5, TtGSTo5, GSTo5
GST6 TTHERM_00630260 Glutathione S-transferase mu 6, TtGSTm6, GSTm6
GST60 TTHERM_00034950 Glutathione S-transferase omega 6, TtGSTo6, GSTo6
GST61 TTHERM_00924320 Glutathione S-transferase omega 7, TtGSTo7, GSTo7
GST62 TTHERM_00575360 Glutathione S-transferase zeta 1, TtGSTz1, GSTz1
GST7 TTHERM_00405500 Glutathione S-transferase mu 7, TtGSTm7, GSTm7
GST8 TTHERM_00211510 Glutathione S-transferase mu 8, TtGSTm8, GSTm8
GST9 TTHERM_00405470 Glutathione S-transferase mu 9, TtGSTm9, GSTm9
GTP1 TTHERM_00279750 GTPase 1
GTP2 TTHERM_00467790 GTPase 2
GTP3 TTHERM_00245180 GTPase 3
GTR4 TTHERM_00188500 Glucose TRansport 4
GTU1 TTHERM_00079520 Gamma-TUbulin 1
GUF1 TTHERM_00998830 Gene of Uncertain Friendliness 1
GVT1 TTHERM_01211770 Guanylate-binding/ER-golgi Vesicle Tethering 1
HAP2 TTHERM_01075640 HAPloid-disrupting 2
HAP5 TTHERM_00446570 Heme Activator Protein
HARP2 TTHERM_01080500 HepA-Related Protein 2
HARPL1 TTHERM_00112490 HepA-Related Protein-Like 1
HAT1 TTHERM_00046760 Histone AcetylTransferase 1
HAT2 TTHERM_00248390 Histone AcetylTransferase 2
HCF2 TTHERM_00675560 HeteroChromatin Factor 2
HEH1 TTHERM_00221180
HEH2 TTHERM_01169510
HEM1 TTHERM_00535150 HEMoglobin 1
HEM15 TTHERM_00439000 HEMe biosynthesis
HEN1 TTHERM_00433810 HEN1 (Hua ENhancer) homolog 1
HEX1 TTHERM_00129830 beta-HEXosaminidase
HHF1 TTHERM_00498190 Histone H Four 1
HHF2 TTHERM_00189170 Histone H Four 2
HHO1 TTHERM_00823720 Histone H One
HHP1 TTHERM_00705240 H1/HP1-like
HHT1 TTHERM_000570549 Histone H3.1
HHT2 TTHERM_00189180 Histone H Three
HHT3 TTHERM_00016170 Histone H Three
HHT4 TTHERM_00016200 Histone H Three
HIAP1 TTHERM_00648920 Histone-interacting acidic protein 1
HIB1 TTHERM_01123840 HydroxyIsoButyrate dehydrogenase 1
HIR1 TTHERM_00046490 HIstone Regulation 1
HMG1 TTHERM_00691180 Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase
HMGB1 TTHERM_00660180 High MoBility group 1
HMGB2 TTHERM_00257230 High MoBility group 2
HMGB3 TTHERM_00155590 High mobility group protein 3
HMGB4 TTHERM_00533980 high mobility group box protein
HMGB5 TTHERM_00563990 HMG box protein
HMGB6 TTHERM_00568050 High mobility group box protein 6
HMGB7 TTHERM_00840040 high mobility group box protein 7
HMK1 TTHERM_00971920 Hippo/MST Kinase 1
HOP2 TTHERM_00794620 HOmologous Pairing 2 homolog
HOP3 TTHERM_01190440 HOP2 (HOmologous Pairing 2) paralog 3
HPL2 TTHERM_01337400 Heterochromatin Protein 1 Like 2
HPL4 TTHERM_00585180 Heterochromatin Protein 1 Like 4
HPL5 TTHERM_00585190 Heterochromatin Protein 1 Like 5
HPL6 TTHERM_00245410 Heterochromatin Protein 1-Like 6
HPL7 TTHERM_00551070 Heterochromatin Protein 1 Like 7
HRR25  TTHERM_01213960 HO and Radiation Repair
HRS1 TTHERM_00401980 histidyl-tRNA synthetase 1
HRS2 TTHERM_00721830 histidyl-tRNA synthetase 2
HRT1 TTHERM_00313710 HRT1 (High level expression Reduces Ty3 transposition) ortholog 1
HSP10 TTHERM_00770690 Heat Shock Protein 10
HSP60 TTHERM_00196370 Heat Shock Protein
HSP62 TTHERM_00338240 Heat Shock Protein 60-2
HSP70 TTHERM_00105110 Heat Shock Protein 70
HSP71 TTHERM_01044390 Heat Shock Protein
HSP82 TTHERM_00158520 Heat Shock Protein 82
HSP90 TTHERM_00444670 Heat Shock Protein 90
HTA1 TTHERM_00790790 Histone h Two A 1
HTA2 TTHERM_00316500 Histone h Two A 2
HTA3 TTHERM_00143660 Histone h Two A 3
HTA4 TTHERM_01079200 Histone Two A 4
HTB1 TTHERM_00633360 Histone h Two B
HTB2 TTHERM_00283180 Histone h Two B
IBD1 TTHERM_00729230 Interactive BromoDomain Protein 1
IBD2 TTHERM_00483490 Interactive BromoDomain Protein 2
ICL1 TTHERM_01141570 IsoCitrate Lyase 1
ICT1 TTHERM_00691720 Integral-membrane Cation Transporter 1
IDP2  TTHERM_00794110 Isocitrate Dehydrogenase, NADP-specific
IFT122 TTHERM_00694540 IntraFlagellar Transport 122
IFT172 TTHERM_00089240 IntraFlagellar Transport 172
IFT52 TTHERM_00648910 IntraFlagellar Transport 52 homolog
IGR1 TTHERM_00558350 Induced during Granule Regeneration
IGR2 TTHERM_00225870 Induced during Granule Regeneration
IGR3 TTHERM_00694350 Induced during Granule Regeneration
IGR4 TTHERM_00040340 Induced during Granule Regeneration
IGR5 TTHERM_00503890 Induced during Granule Regeneration
IGR6 TTHERM_00989430 Induced during Granule Regeneration
IGR7 TTHERM_00314860 Induced during Granule Regeneration
ILS1 TTHERM_00492850 IsoLeucine-tRNA Synthetase 1
IMA1 TTHERM_01016220 IMportin Alpha 1
IMA10 TTHERM_00295520 IMportin Alpha 10
IMA11 TTHERM_00185260 IMportin Alpha 11
IMA12 TTHERM_00938930 Importin Alpha 12
IMA13 TTHERM_00492970 Importin Alpha 13
IMA2 TTHERM_00621200 IMportin Alpha 2
IMA3 TTHERM_00335950 IMportin Alpha 3
IMA4 TTHERM_00079000 IMportin Alpha 4
IMA5 TTHERM_00703970 IMportin Alpha 5
IMA6 TTHERM_00592800 IMportin Alpha 6
IMA8 TTHERM_00161640 Importin Alpha 8
IMA9 TTHERM_00756470 Importin Alpha 9
IMB4 TTHERM_00548140 Importin Beta 4
Impβ3 TTHERM_00550700 Importin Beta 3
Impβ6 TTHERM_00962200 Importin-beta 6
INO80 TTHERM_00343570 Chromatin-remodeling ATPase INO80
INP52  TTHERM_00079570 INositol polyphosphate 5-Phosphatase
INS1 TTHERM_00837800 INSulin-like peptide
INS10 TTHERM_00658990 INSulin-like peptide
INS11 TTHERM_000193311 INSulin-like peptide
INS2 TTHERM_001044376 INSulin-like peptide
INS3 TTHERM_000836782 INSulin-like peptide
INS4 TTHERM_000836771 INSulin-like peptide
INS5 TTHERM_000559821 INSulin-like peptide
INS6 TTHERM_00329760 INSulin-like peptide
INS7 TTHERM_000283269 INSulin-like peptide
INS8 TTHERM_000836760 INSulin-like peptide
INS9 TTHERM_000837801 INSulin-like peptide
IPL1  TTHERM_00343420 Increase in PLoidy
Ipra1 TTHERM_00317260 Interaction partner of RebL1 and Anqa1
IPT1 TTHERM_00255600 tRNA isopentenyltransferase 1
IRE1 TTHERM_00641080 Inositol REquiring
IRS1 TTHERM_00370900 Isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase 1
ITU1 TTHERM_01001260 Iota-TUbulin
ITU2 TTHERM_01001250 Iota-TUbulin
ITU3 TTHERM_00550910 Iota-TUbulin
IXR1 TTHERM_00641210 Intrastrand crosslink recognition protein
JAL1 TTHERM_00683350
Jinn1 TTHERM_00227070
Jinn2 TTHERM_00147500
JMJ1 TTHERM_00185640 JMJC domain-encoding 1
JMJ2 TTHERM_00455500 JMJC domain-encoding 2
JMJ3 TTHERM_00467690 JMJC domain-encoding 3
JMJ4 TTHERM_00780520 JMJC domain-encoding 4
JSL1 TTHERM_01040830 JUB6-like 1
JSL2 TTHERM_01040840 JUB6-like 2
JSL3 TTHERM_01040860 JUB6-Like 3
JSL4 TTHERM_01064950 JUB6-like 4
JSL5 TTHERM_00576820 JUB6-like 5
JSL6 TTHERM_00197920 JUB6-like 6
JUB1 TTHERM_00237610 Junk Buster 1
JUB2 TTHERM_000279929 Junk Buster 2
JUB3 TTHERM_00442412 JUnk Buster
JUB4 TTHERM_00616290 Junk Buster 4
JUB6 TTHERM_01415190 JUnk Buster 6
KanA1 TTHERM_00136150 Kind of AlbA2 clan domain
KAP104 TTHERM_00527110 KAryoPherin 1
KAT1 TTHERM_00322760 KATanin 1
KAT2 TTHERM_00414230 KATanin
KAT3 TTHERM_00497660 KATanin 3
KDF1 TTHERM_00388620 KinetoDesmal Fiber 1
KDF3 TTHERM_00588900 KinetoDesmal Fiber protein 3
KDF4 TTHERM_00188980 KinetoDesmal Fiber 4
KET1 TTHERM_00125500 Fusion of a kinesin and an ER-golgi vesicle tethering protein
KET2 TTHERM_00784600 Fusion of a kinesin and an ER-golgi vesicle tethering protein
KFK1 TTHERM_01445920 Fusion of ser/thr kinase and Ca2+/calmodulin protein kinase.
KHD1 TTHERM_00051720 KH domain-containing protein 1
KHD2 TTHERM_00046640 KH domain-containing protein 2
KHD3 TTHERM_00444570 KH domain-containing protein 3
KHD4 TTHERM_00420000 KH domain-containing protein 4
KHD5 TTHERM_00456900 KH domain-containing protein 5
KIN1 TTHERM_00481220 KINesin
KIN141 TTHERM_00115422 KINesin
KIN142 TTHERM_00564430 KINesin
KIN143 TTHERM_00633600 KINesin
KIN2 TTHERM_00263330 KINesin
KIN5 TTHERM_00085620 Kinesin-II subfamily member; implicated in intraciliary transport; localizes in a punctate pattern a
KIN6 TTHERM_01245620 KINesin
KIN7 TTHERM_00219585 KINesin
KIN8 TTHERM_00014920 KINesin
KIN9 TTHERM_00321740 KINesin
KIP3  TTHERM_01347910 KInesin related Protein
KOT1 TTHERM_00257190 Fusion of a ser/thr kinase and an O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase
KOT2 TTHERM_00678530 Fusion of a ser/thr kinase and an O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase
KOT3 TTHERM_00856650 Fusion of a ser/thr kinase and an O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase
KOT4 TTHERM_00713550 Fusion of a ser/thr kinase and an O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase
KRC1 TTHERM_00721710 Fusion of a kinesin and RCC1 protein.
KRC2 TTHERM_00185360 Fusion of a kinesin and RCC1 protein.
KRS1 TTHERM_00691520 lysyl-tRNA synthetase
KTI12 TTHERM_01444910 Kluveromyces lactis Toxin Insensitive 12
KUL80 TTHERM_00309880 KU80 like protein
LAP1 TTHERM_01193550 Lysosomal Acid Phosphatase
LBE1 TTHERM_00600650 Lycopene Biosynthesis-Enhancing
LC1 TTHERM_00334290
LC10 TTHERM_00716250
LC2A TTHERM_00444240
LC2B TTHERM_00561440
LC3B TTHERM_00623050
LC4A TTHERM_01075620 Light chain subunit of ciliary three-headed outer ...
LC4B TTHERM_01020640
LC7A TTHERM_00152040
LC7B TTHERM_00030210
LC8E TTHERM_00971840 Light chain subunit of dynein
LIA1 TTHERM_00675900 localized in macronuclear anlagen 1
LIA2 TTHERM_00569290 localized in macronuclear anlagen 2
LIA3 TTHERM_00675850 localized in macronuclear anlagen 3
LIA4 TTHERM_00085600 Localize In macronuclear Anlagen
LIA5 TTHERM_00653910 localized in macronuclear anlagen 5
LIA6 TTHERM_00849260 localized in macronuclear anlagen 6
LIA7 TTHERM_00193390 localized in macronuclear anlagen 7
LIG1 TTHERM_00348170 DNA ligase I
LIG4 TTHERM_00387050 DNA ligase IV
Lin9 TTHERM_00591560 Protein lin-9 homolog
LRC1 TTHERM_00157890 Fusion of a protein phosphatase and ER-golgi vesicle tethering protein.
LRK1 TTHERM_01155710 Fusion of ser/thr kinase and LRR-containing protein.
LRK2 TTHERM_01174650 Fusion of ser/thr kinase and LRR-containing protein.
LRK3 TTHERM_00959810 Fusion of ser/thr kinase and LRR-containing protein.
LRK4 TTHERM_01365640 Fusion of ser/thr kinase and LRR-containing protein.
LRR5 TTHERM_00371100 Leucine Rich Repeat family protein 5
LRS1 TTHERM_00670340 leucyl-tRNA synthetase 1
LRS2 TTHERM_00532220 leucyl-tRNA synthetase 2
LSC1 TTHERM_00068140 Ligase of Succinyl-CoA 
LSC2  TTHERM_00535260 Ligase of Succinyl-CoA
LSD2 TTHERM_00600670
LSF1 TTHERM_00979910 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF10 TTHERM_00543570 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF11 TTHERM_00543580 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF12 TTHERM_00541547 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF2 TTHERM_00979920 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF3 TTHERM_00979940 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF4 TTHERM_01082860 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF5 TTHERM_00541520 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF6 TTHERM_00541530 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF7 TTHERM_00541540 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF8 TTHERM_00541550 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSF9 TTHERM_00543560 Fusion of leishmanolysin-like peptidase and subtilisin-like proprotein convertase
LSM7 TTHERM_00835340 Lsm (Like Sm) protein 7
LTL1 TTHERM_00499370 Lia3-like 1
MAC1 TTHERM_01016030
MAF4 TTHERM_01093530 membrane flagellar associated protein 4
MAG1 TTHERM_00476690 Mago nashi protein 1
MAI63 TTHERM_00575390 Maleylacetoacetate isomerase, TtMAAI1, MAAI1
MAK1 TTHERM_00722950 Fusion of methylthioribose kinase and methylthioribose-phosphate isomerase
MBD1 TTHERM_00467500 Fusion of methylthioribulose-phosphate dehydratase and dihydroxy-keto-methylthiopentene dioxygenase
MCF1 TTHERM_00530730 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 1
MCF10 TTHERM_01014550 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 10
MCF11 TTHERM_00621600 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 11
MCF2 TTHERM_00535730 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 2
MCF3 TTHERM_00535740 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 3
MCF4 TTHERM_00494720 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 4
MCF5 TTHERM_00420020 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 5
MCF6 TTHERM_00627190 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 6
MCF7 TTHERM_00474670 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 7
MCF8 TTHERM_02139630 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 8
MCF9 TTHERM_00691850 Mitochondrial Carrier Family 9
MCM2 TTHERM_00554270 DNA replication licensing factor MCM2
MCM3 TTHERM_00092850 DNA replication licensing factor MCM3
MCM4 TTHERM_00277550 DNA replication licensing factor MCM4
MCM5 TTHERM_00069420 DNA replication licensing factor MCM5
MCM6 TTHERM_00448570 DNA replication licensing factor MCM6
MCM7 TTHERM_00011740 DNA replication licensing factor MCM7
MCM8 TTHERM_01031060 DNA replication licensing factor MCM8
MCM9 TTHERM_00703910 DNA replication licensing factor MCM9
MCMD1 TTHERM_01207610 MCM Domain1
MDH1 TTHERM_00030190 Malate DeHydrogenase 1
MDH2 TTHERM_00237500 malate dehydrogenase 2
MDH3 TTHERM_00052260 Malate dehydrogenase 3
MDH4 TTHERM_01029960 malate dehydrogenase 4
MDLG1 TTHERM_01151610 Mitofilin-Domain Like Gene 1
MEC17 TTHERM_00355780 homolog of a C. elegans MEChanosensory protein
MED11 TTHERM_00918460 Mediator subunit 11
MED15 TTHERM_00052189 Mediator subunit 15
MED17 TTHERM_00780600 Mediator subunit 17
MED20 TTHERM_00922930 Mediator subunit 20
MED21 TTHERM_00295380 Mediator subunit 21
MED22 TTHERM_00670380 Mediator subunit 22
MED3 TTHERM_00490630 Mediator Subunit 3
MED31 TTHERM_00355460 Mediator subunit 31
MED4 TTHERM_00691210 Mediator subunit 4
MED6 TTHERM_00575570 transcriptional mediator complex subunit 6
MED7 TTHERM_00147570 Mediator complex subunit 7
MELG1 TTHERM_00711850 Meiotic nuclear ELonGation 1
MELG2 TTHERM_00289290 Meiotic nuclear ELonGation 2
MELG3 TTHERM_000365339 Meiotic nuclear ELonGation 3
MFE1 TTHERM_00317440 Fusion of peroxisomal multifunctional oxydation protein and 2-enoyl-CoA hydratase
MITS1 TTHERM_00052180 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 1
MITS10 TTHERM_00829330 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 10
MITS11 TTHERM_01002760 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 11
MITS12 TTHERM_00444720 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 12
MITS13 TTHERM_00989470 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 13
MITS3 TTHERM_00752180 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 3
MITS4 TTHERM_00316620 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 4
MITS5 TTHERM_00657539 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 5
MITS6 TTHERM_00419920 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 6
MITS7 TTHERM_00334350 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 7
MITS8 TTHERM_00467799 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 8
MITS9 TTHERM_00028490 MED31-interacting Tetrahymena specific protein 9
MLH1 TTHERM_00471820 Micronuclear Linker Histone
MLH3 TTHERM_001044369 previously annotated as TTHERM_01044360
MLL1 TTHERM_01309130 Mixed lineage leukemia 1
MLP1 TTHERM_00384860 Macronuclear LA-domain protein 1
MMS4 TTHERM_00194130 Homolog of budding yeast MMS4 and fission yeast EME1
MND1 TTHERM_000300659 Meiotic Nuclear Divisions
MND1 TTHERM_00300660 Homolog of budding yeast MND1 (meiotic non disjunction)and fission yeast MCP7
MNDP1 TTHERM_00382290 Homolog of budding yeast MND1 (meiotic non disjunction)and fission yeast MCP7
MNP1 TTHERM_00382110 MacroNuclear Protein 1
MPC1 TTHERM_00075580 Methyl-Phosphate Capping enzyme 1
MPH1 TTHERM_00535470 Mutator PHenotype
MPK1 TTHERM_00469230 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPK10 TTHERM_00355550 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPK11 TTHERM_00537240 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPK2 TTHERM_00760190 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPK3 TTHERM_00660130 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPK4 TTHERM_00575520 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPK6 TTHERM_00760270 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase.
MPK7 TTHERM_00689900 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase.
MPK8 TTHERM_00492370 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPK9 TTHERM_00195990 Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase
MPP10 TTHERM_00622790 U3 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein protein MPP10
MRE11 TTHERM_00721450 Meiotic REcombination 11
MRK1 TTHERM_00085220 MAP-related kinase
MRNC01 TTHERM_00046940 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC02 TTHERM_00391430 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC03 TTHERM_00499480 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC04 TTHERM_00490940 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC05 TTHERM_00070960 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC06 TTHERM_00670360 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC07 TTHERM_00600230 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC09 TTHERM_00334470 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC10 TTHERM_00297110 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC11 TTHERM_00037070 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC13 TTHERM_00437420 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC14 TTHERM_00277360 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC15 TTHERM_00125410 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC16 TTHERM_00377350 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC17 TTHERM_00492700 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC18 TTHERM_00149910 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC19 TTHERM_00857870 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC20 TTHERM_00391520 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC21 TTHERM_00142460 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC22 TTHERM_00196110 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC23 TTHERM_00728990 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC24 TTHERM_00757760 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC25 TTHERM_00729130 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC26 TTHERM_00670840 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC27 TTHERM_00373800 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC28 TTHERM_00463770 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC29 TTHERM_00127110 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC30 TTHERM_00486410 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC31 TTHERM_00043930 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC32 TTHERM_00245490 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC33 TTHERM_00762940 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC34 TTHERM_00138540 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC35 TTHERM_00193630 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC36 TTHERM_01084170 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC37 TTHERM_01164130 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC38 TTHERM_00378500 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC39 TTHERM_00590130 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC40 TTHERM_00077350 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC41 TTHERM_00825240 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC42 TTHERM_00566710 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC43 TTHERM_00766490 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC44 TTHERM_00318860 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC45 TTHERM_00196080 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC46 TTHERM_01055500 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC47 TTHERM_00078940 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC48 TTHERM_00647170 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC49 TTHERM_01248870 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC50 TTHERM_00857860 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC51 TTHERM_00112840 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC52 TTHERM_00354600 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC53 TTHERM_00058629 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC54 TTHERM_00940320 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC55 TTHERM_00564551 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC56 TTHERM_00338260 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC57 TTHERM_00086700 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC58 TTHERM_00122390 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC59 TTHERM_00013150 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNC60 TTHERM_00047490 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein C-terminal
MRNN01 TTHERM_00144930 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN02 TTHERM_00334370 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN04 TTHERM_00324550 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN05 TTHERM_00632820 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN06 TTHERM_00058510 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN07 TTHERM_00145690 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN08 TTHERM_00138020 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN09 TTHERM_00486680 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN10 TTHERM_00703320 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN11 TTHERM_00938920 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN12 TTHERM_00732890 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN13 TTHERM_00196030 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN14 TTHERM_00080020 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN15 TTHERM_00561720 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN16 TTHERM_00509110 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNN17 TTHERM_00329860 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein N-terminal
MRNO01 TTHERM_00637130 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO03 TTHERM_00396960 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO04 TTHERM_00698640 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO05 TTHERM_00692980 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO06 TTHERM_00389810 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO07 TTHERM_00334450 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO08 TTHERM_00424710 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO09 TTHERM_00621420 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO10 TTHERM_01044740 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO11 TTHERM_00550820 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO12 TTHERM_00581840 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO13 TTHERM_00584920 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO14 TTHERM_00703340 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO15 TTHERM_00522110 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO16 TTHERM_00600210 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO17 TTHERM_00426040 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO18 TTHERM_00691730 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO19 TTHERM_00653900 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other 19
MRNO20 TTHERM_00522150 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO21 TTHERM_00378600 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO22 TTHERM_00446100 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO23 TTHERM_00136280 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO25 TTHERM_00577130 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO26 TTHERM_01084140 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO27 TTHERM_00148890 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO28 TTHERM_00947580 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO29 TTHERM_00529880 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO30 TTHERM_00102750 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO31 TTHERM_00431310 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO32 TTHERM_00575440 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO33 TTHERM_00823920 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO34 TTHERM_00125250 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO35 TTHERM_00384820 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO36 TTHERM_00685930 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other 36
MRNO37 TTHERM_00494340 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO38 TTHERM_00476750 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO39 TTHERM_00947600 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO40 TTHERM_00535430 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO41 TTHERM_00637110 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO42 TTHERM_00540299 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO43 TTHERM_00138010 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO44 TTHERM_00641220 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO45 TTHERM_00724730 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO46 TTHERM_00133460 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO47 TTHERM_00471440 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO48 TTHERM_01093650 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO49 TTHERM_00355710 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO50 TTHERM_00637120 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO51 TTHERM_00584930 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO52 TTHERM_01044720 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO53 TTHERM_00637100 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO54 TTHERM_00641130 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRNO55 TTHERM_00637140 Membrane Occupation and Recognition Nexus protein other
MRS1 TTHERM_01145010 methionyl-tRNA synthetase 1
MRS3 TTHERM_00691810 methionyl-tRNA synthetase 3
MRT4 TTHERM_01151550 mRNA turnover protein 4
MSC1 TTHERM_00239130 Membrane Solute Carrier
MSH2 TTHERM_00295920 mismatch repair gene
MSH3 TTHERM_00426230 homolog to human protein MSH3
MSH4 TTHERM_00857890 Homolog of budding yeast MSH4
MSH5 TTHERM_00763040 Homolog of budding yeast MSH5
MSH6 TTHERM_00194810 homolog to human protein MSH6
MSH6L3 TTHERM_00150000 MutS Homolog 6 (MSH6)-like protein 3
MTA6 TTHERM_01087810 Mating type gene
MTB6 TTHERM_01087820 Mating type gene
MTP1 TTHERM_00332190 Membrane Transport Protein 1
MTT1 TTHERM_00241640 MeTalloThionein 1
MTT2 TTHERM_00433520 MeTalloThionein
MTT3 TTHERM_00241650 MeTalloThionein
MTT4 TTHERM_00433530 MeTalloThionein
MTT5 TTHERM_00660230 MeTalloThionein
MUS81 TTHERM_00624870 Homolog of budding yeast MUS81 and fission yeast mus81
MXR1 TTHERM_00219050 Methionine sulfoXide Reductase
MXR2 TTHERM_00136330 Methionine sulfoXide Reductase
MXR3 TTHERM_01289140 Methionine sulfoXide Reductase
MXR4 TTHERM_00160750 Methionine sulfoXide Reductase
MybL1 TTHERM_00842380 Myb-like-1
MybL2 TTHERM_00202930 Myb-like-2
MYO1 TTHERM_00112430 MYOsin
MYO10 TTHERM_00046470 MYOsin
MYO11 TTHERM_00059050 MYOsin
MYO12 TTHERM_00454090 Fusion of a myosin and an RCC1 protein.
MYO13 TTHERM_00526770 MYOsin
MYO2 TTHERM_01035740 MYOsin
MYO3 TTHERM_00463160 Fusion of a myosin and an RCC1 protein.
MYO4 TTHERM_00194050 MYOsin
MYO4  TTHERM_00600780 MYOsin
MYO5 TTHERM_00423370 MYOsin
MYO6 TTHERM_00600770 myosin
MYO7 TTHERM_00074290 myosin
MYO9 TTHERM_00327320 MYOsin
MYST1 TTHERM_00145730
MYST2 TTHERM_00145740
MYST3 TTHERM_00310240
MZT1 TTHERM_000727749 Mitotic-spindle organizing protein
NAA50 TTHERM_00686140 N-alpha-acetyltransferase 50
NAF1 TTHERM_00637360 Nuclear Assembly Factor
NaKa1 TTHERM_00467910
NAP1 TTHERM_00786930 Nucleosome Assembly Protein
NAT1 TTHERM_00218670 N-terminal AcetylTransferase
NBP35  TTHERM_00312220 Nucleotide Binding Protein 
NCB1 TTHERM_00404240 nuclear cap-binding protein subunit 1
NCB2 TTHERM_00471730 nuclear cap-binding protein subunit 2
ND6 TTHERM_00410160 non-discharge 6
ND9 TTHERM_00938850 non-discharge 9
NDP1 TTHERM_01287970 non-discharge partner 1
NDP2 TTHERM_00498010 non-discharge partner 2
NGOA1 TTHERM_00655890 Non-GrOwth
NHP6B TTHERM_00216040 Non-Histone Protein
NHX1 TTHERM_00316310 Sodium Hydrogen Exchanger 1
NHX2 TTHERM_00621280 Sodium Hydrogen Exchanger 2
NIP7 TTHERM_00590240 60S ribosome subunit biogenesis protein NIP7
NIT2 TTHERM_01161020 NITrilase superfamily
NMD2 TTHERM_00442760 Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay protein 2
NMD3 TTHERM_00470530 nonsense-mediated mRNA decay protein 3
NMDP1 TTHERM_00171790 Nonsense Mediated Decay Protein 1
NMP1 TTHERM_00222270 New Macronuclear PHD finger protein 1
NOC1 TTHERM_00976490 NucleOlar Complex associated
NOC2 TTHERM_01220330 Nucleolar Complex Protein 2
NOC3 TTHERM_00191850 NucleOlar Complex associated 3
NOC4 TTHERM_00462830 NucleOlar Complex associated 4
NOL9 TTHERM_00590080 polynucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase NOL9
NOP2 TTHERM_00499610 nucleolar protein NOP2
NOP7 TTHERM_00628420 Nucleolar protein 7
NOPP52 TTHERM_00384800 NucleOlar PhosphoProtein 52
NOT1 TTHERM_00095500 CCR4-Not complex component, Not1
NOT2 TTHERM_00161070 NOT2/NOT3/NOT5 family protein, subunit of the CCR4-NOT complex
NPA3  TTHERM_00194500 Nucleolar Preribosomal Associated
NPC3 TTHERM_00329960 NePhroCystin-3 ortholog
NRK10 TTHERM_00657380 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK11 TTHERM_00158430 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK12 TTHERM_00161100 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK13 TTHERM_00312380 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK14 TTHERM_00260770 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK15 TTHERM_00260780 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK16 TTHERM_00265180 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK17 TTHERM_00216171 NIMA-Reated Kinase
NRK18 TTHERM_00467740 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK19 TTHERM_00529780 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK2 TTHERM_00245740 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK20 TTHERM_00151480 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK21 TTHERM_00449170 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK22 TTHERM_00390060 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK23 TTHERM_00146030 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK24 TTHERM_00415780 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK27 TTHERM_00219200 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK28 TTHERM_00188390 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK3 TTHERM_00721400 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK30 TTHERM_00455670 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK31 TTHERM_00809380 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK32 TTHERM_00412070 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK33 TTHERM_00412080 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK34 TTHERM_00628440 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK35 TTHERM_01114180 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK36 TTHERM_00525110 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK37 TTHERM_00473180 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK38 TTHERM_00697500 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK39 TTHERM_00825150 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK4 TTHERM_00997660 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK5 TTHERM_00301840 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK6 TTHERM_00821800 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK7 TTHERM_00947540 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK8 TTHERM_01144900 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRK9 TTHERM_01027700 NIMA-Related Kinase
NRP1 TTHERM_01014770 N1/N2-related protein
NRS1 TTHERM_00691890 asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase 1
NTG1 TTHERM_01106120 eNdonuclease Three-like Glycosylase
NTP1 TTHERM_00907070 Nucleoside transporter 1
NTP10 TTHERM_00155440 Nucleoside transporter 10
NTP11 TTHERM_00734080 Nucleoside transporter 11
NTP12 TTHERM_00941430 Nucleoside transporter 12
NTP13 TTHERM_00907060 Nucleoside transporter 13
NTP2 TTHERM_00463710 Nucleoside transporter 2
NTP3 TTHERM_00971780 Nucleoside transporter 3
NTP4 TTHERM_00147470 Nucleoside transporter 4
NTP5 TTHERM_01046910 Nucleoside transporter 5
NTP6 TTHERM_00221150 Nucleoside transporter 6
NTP7 TTHERM_00561500 Nucleoside transporter 7
NTP8 TTHERM_00024030 Nucleoside transporter 8
NTP9 TTHERM_00155430 Nucleoside transporter 9
NUG1 TTHERM_00455650 nuclear ribosome-associated GTPase NUG1
NUP155 TTHERM_00760460
NUP185 TTHERM_00268040
NUP308 TTHERM_00091620
NUP58 TTHERM_00194800
NUP85 TTHERM_01028760 NUclear Pore
NUP88 TTHERM_00455610 NUcleoPorin 88
NUP93 TTHERM_00622800 NUcleoPorin Nup93p
OGL1 TTHERM_01243450 OGG1-Like
OLE1 TTHERM_00463280 OLEic acid requiring
OLE2 TTHERM_00052620 OLEic acid requiring
ORC1 TTHERM_00865050 origin recognition complex subunit 1
ORC2 TTHERM_00684560 origin recognition complex subunit 2
OXR1 TTHERM_00151160 OXidation Resistance
p28A TTHERM_00841210
p28B TTHERM_00319990
p28C TTHERM_01129720 Light chain subunit of inner arm dynein (IAD) complex 2
PACF1 TTHERM_00137780 Proteasome Activator Complex subunit Four
PACF2 TTHERM_00804710 Proteasome Activator Complex subunit Four, second paralog
PAH1  TTHERM_00189270 Phosphatidic Acid phosphoHydrolase
PAMD1 TTHERM_001295283 PArtner of McmD1
PAP1 TTHERM_00151370 Poly(A) Polymerase 1
PAP2 TTHERM_00089190 Poly(A) Polymerase
PAP3 TTHERM_00149900 Poly(A) Polymerase 3
PAPA-1 TTHERM_00703840 PAP-1-associated protein 1
PARG1 TTHERM_00294690 Poly(ADP-Ribose) Glycohydrolase 1
PARP1 TTHERM_00726460 Poly(ADP-Ribosyl) transferase 1
PARP10 TTHERM_00821920 Poly(ADP-Ribosyl) transferase 10
PARP11 TTHERM_00372550 Poly(ADP-Ribosyl) transferase 11
PARP2 TTHERM_00726470 Poly(ADP-Ribosyl) transferase 2
PARP3 TTHERM_00030430 Poly [ADP-Ribose] Polymerase 3
PARP4 TTHERM_00823980 Poly [ADP-Ribose] Polymerase 4
PARP5 TTHERM_00865150 Poly [ADP-Ribose] Polymerase 5
PARP6 TTHERM_00502600 Poly [ADP-Ribose] Polymerase 6
PARP7 TTHERM_00006060 Poly(ADP-Ribosyl) transferase 7
PARP8 TTHERM_00006070 Poly(ADP-Ribosyl) transferase 8
PARP9 TTHERM_00696940 Poly(ADP-Ribosyl) transferase 9
PARS11 TTHERM_00133730 PARtner of Spo11
PAT1 TTHERM_00013120 Pot1 associated in Tetrahymena 1
PCNA1 TTHERM_01107420 proliferating cell nuclear antigen 1
PCP1 TTHERM_00681750 PARP Correlated Protein 1
PCP2 TTHERM_01087780 PARP Correlated Protein 2
PCP3 TTHERM_00467770 PARP Correlated Protein 3
PCP4 TTHERM_00077090 PARP Correlated Protein 4
PCP5 TTHERM_00773650 PARP Correlated Protein 5
PCP6 TTHERM_00569340 PARP Correlated Protein 6
PCS1 TTHERM_00088060 PhytoChelatin Synthase
PDA1 TTHERM_00193230 Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Alpha 1
PDD1 TTHERM_00125280 Programmed DNA Degradation 1
PDD2 TTHERM_00283530 Programmed DNA Degradation
PDD3 TTHERM_01109990 Programmed DNA Degradation 3
PDI1 TTHERM_00475140 Protein Disulfide-Isomerase
PDP2 TTHERM_00128810 PWWP Domain containing Protein 2
PEL1 TTHERM_00328580 E3 ubiquitin ligase
PELO1 TTHERM_00705040 PELOta 1
PET1 TTHERM_00328570 E3 ubiquitin ligase
PFK1 TTHERM_00170320 PhosphoFructoKinase
PFK2 TTHERM_00338460 PhosphoFructoKinase
PFK3 TTHERM_00338470 PhosphoFructoKinase
PGI1 TTHERM_01108700 PhosphoGlucoIsomerase
PGI2 TTHERM_01108680 PhosphoGlucoIsomerase
PGK1 TTHERM_00929450 PhosphoGlycerate Kinase
PGM1 TTHERM_00577080 PhosphoGlucoMutase
PHR1 TTHERM_00640040 PHotolyase Repair 1
PHR2 TTHERM_00046730 PHotolyase Repair 2
PIK1  TTHERM_00219449 Phosphatidyl Inositol Kinase
PKC2 TTHERM_00718040 Protein Kinase C related protein
PKD1 TTHERM_00449390 protein kinase domain
PLA1 TTHERM_00683010 PhosphoLipase A
PLK1 TTHERM_00992960 Polo-Like Kinase
PLK2 TTHERM_01443850 Polo-Like Kinase
PLK3 TTHERM_01076980 Polo-Like Kinase
PLK5 TTHERM_00470890 Polo-Like Kinase
PMR1 TTHERM_00470470 potential mRNA regulator 1
PMS2 TTHERM_01109940 Post-Meiotic Segregation 2 homolog
POB3 TTHERM_00049080 POl1 Binding
POC1 TTHERM_01308010 Proteome of centriole 1
POL1 TTHERM_00424700 DNA polymerase alpha-primase complex catalytic subunit POL1
POL12 TTHERM_00614820 DNA polymerase alpha subunit B
POL2 TTHERM_00112520 DNA polymerase epsilon catalytic subunit POL2
POL31 TTHERM_00691170 DNA polymerase delta subunit 2
POLB1 TTHERM_00732550 human homolog to POLB
POLD1 TTHERM_00636920 DNA polymerase delta
POLK1 TTHERM_00455309 DNA polymerase kappa
POLN1 TTHERM_00043780 putative homolog to POLN
POM121 TTHERM_00312730
POM82 TTHERM_00375160
POP1 TTHERM_00222280 Ribonucleases P/MRP protein subunit POP1
POT1 TTHERM_000378989 protection of telomeres 1
POT2 TTHERM_00378980 protection of telomeres 2
PPI1 TTHERM_00877050 peptidylprolyl isomerase 1
PPI10 TTHERM_00492720 peptidylprolyl isomerase 10
PPI11 TTHERM_00075590 peptidylprolyl isomerase 11
PPI12 TTHERM_00051740 peptidylprolyl isomerase 12
PPI13 TTHERM_00772040 peptidylprolyl isomerase 13
PPI14 TTHERM_00890120 peptidylprolyl isomerase 14
PPI15 TTHERM_00118710 peptidylprolyl isomerase 15
PPI16 TTHERM_00865350 peptidylprolyl isomerase 16
PPI17 TTHERM_00532620 peptidylprolyl isomerase 17
PPI18 TTHERM_00681780 peptidylprolyl isomerase 18
PPI19 TTHERM_00128770 peptidylprolyl isomerase 19
PPI2 TTHERM_00548130 peptidylprolyl isomerase 2
PPI20 TTHERM_00421150 peptidylprolyl isomerase 20
PPI21 TTHERM_00227060 peptidylprolyl isomerase 21
PPI22 TTHERM_00227050 peptidylprolyl isomerase 22
PPI3 TTHERM_00757550 peptidylprolyl isomerase 3
PPI4 TTHERM_00538480 peptidylprolyl isomerase 4
PPI5 TTHERM_00243800 peptidylprolyl isomerase 5
PPI7 TTHERM_00466090 peptidylprolyl isomerase 7
PPI8 TTHERM_00865250 peptidylprolyl isomerase 8
PPI9 TTHERM_00419950 peptidylprolyl isomerase 9
PPN1 TTHERM_01345810 eNdoPolyPhosphatase
PPO1 TTHERM_00865290 protein phosphatase 1 (PP1) ortholog
PRE1 TTHERM_00147560 20S proteasome core beta subunit 4
PRE10 TTHERM_00487110 20S proteasome core alpha subunit 7
PRE2 TTHERM_00379050 20S proteasome core beta subunit 5
PRE3 TTHERM_00030440 20S proteasome core beta subunit 1
PRE4 TTHERM_00548160 20S proteasome core beta subunit 7
PRE5 TTHERM_00158210 20S proteasome core alpha subunit 6
PRE6 TTHERM_00666560 20S proteasome core alpha subunit 4
PRE7 TTHERM_00470650 20S proteasome core beta subunit 6
PRE8 TTHERM_01050690 20S proteasome core alpha subunit 2
PRF1 TTHERM_00105430 PRoFilin
PRI1 TTHERM_00571880 Subunit of DNA primase.
PRI2 TTHERM_00243710 Subunit of DNA primase.
PRKA1 TTHERM_00823550 homolog to human PRKAA1
PRP1 TTHERM_00849220 Pre-mRNA Processing factor 1
PRP10 TTHERM_00529660 Pre-mRNA Processing factor 10
PRP11 TTHERM_00343680 Pre-mRNA Processing factor 11
PRP12 TTHERM_00530350 Pre-mRNA Processing factor 12
PRP17 TTHERM_00494570 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor PRP17
PRP18 TTHERM_00637170 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor PRP18
PRP19 TTHERM_00161050 Pre-mRNA-splicing factor 19
PRP2 TTHERM_00525150 Pre-mRNA Processing factor 2
PRP3 TTHERM_00599960 Pre-mRNA Processing factor 3
PRP31 TTHERM_00113340 Pre-mRNA Processing factor 31
PRP38 TTHERM_00294730 pre-mRNA splicing factor PRP38
PRP4 TTHERM_00700970 pre-mRNA processing factor 4
PRP5 TTHERM_00684450 pre-mRNA processing factor 5
PRP8 TTHERM_00079300 Pre-mRNA Processing
PRP9 TTHERM_00649280 pre-mRNA processing factor 9
PRS1 TTHERM_00487020 Prolyl-tRNA synthetase 1
PTH1 TTHERM_00313840 peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase 1
PTH2 TTHERM_00689840 peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase 2
PTH3 TTHERM_00670210 peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase 3
PTK1 TTHERM_01030010 Protein Tyrosine Kinase
PUF1 TTHERM_00535890 PUmilio-family protein 1
PUF2 TTHERM_00558490 PUmilio-Family protein 2
PUF3 TTHERM_00221110 PUmilio-Family protein 3
PUF4 TTHERM_00643580 PUmilio-Family protein 4
PUP1 TTHERM_00633530 20S proteasome core beta subunit 2
PUP2 TTHERM_00043880 20S proteasome core alpha subunit 5
PUP3 TTHERM_00316530 20S proteasome core beta subunit 3
PUS1 TTHERM_00011450 PseudoUridine Synthase 1
PUS3 TTHERM_00181100 PseudoUridine Synthase 3
PWP1 TTHERM_00590030 Periodic tryptophan Protein 1
PYK1 TTHERM_00118600 PYruvate Kinase
PYK2 TTHERM_00145990 PYruvate Kinase
PYK3 TTHERM_01016110 PYruvate Kinase
PYK4 TTHERM_01205300 PYruvate Kinase
PZFL-1 TTHERM_00071060 PHD Zinc Finger Like protein 1
RAB11 TTHERM_00994240 RAB GTPase 11
RAB11B TTHERM_00941540 RAB GTPase 11B
RAB11C TTHERM_00347990 RAB GTPase 11C
RAB11D TTHERM_00471070 RAB GTPase 11D
RAB11E TTHERM_00389960 RAB GTPase 11E
RAB11F TTHERM_01099240 RAB GTPase 11F
RAB13A TTHERM_00126950 RAB GTPase 13A
RAB17A TTHERM_00957580 RAB GTPase 17A
RAB1A TTHERM_00316280 RAB GTPase 1A
RAB1B TTHERM_00433430 RAB GTPase 1B
RAB1C TTHERM_00825210
RAB1D TTHERM_00419740
RAB21A TTHERM_00540100 RAB GTPase 21A
RAB22 TTHERM_00794230 RAB GTPase 22
RAB28 TTHERM_01164080 RAB GTPase 28
RAB2B TTHERM_00670290 RAB GTPase 2B
RAB2C TTHERM_00726080 RAB GTPase 2C
RAB2D TTHERM_00579220 RAB GTPase 2D
RAB2E TTHERM_00994150 RAB GTPase 2E
RAB2F TTHERM_00557870 RAB GTPase 2F
RAB32 TTHERM_00852850 RAB GTPase 32
RAB36 TTHERM_00723170 RAB GTPase 36
RAB37 TTHERM_00295030 RAB GTPase 37
RAB38 TTHERM_00723010 RAB GTPase 38
RAB39 TTHERM_00188280 RAB GTPase 39
RAB3A TTHERM_00149430 RAB GTPase 3A
RAB40 TTHERM_00066880 RAB GTPase 40
RAB41 TTHERM_00664060 RAB GTPase 41
RAB42 TTHERM_01407960 RAB GTPase 42
RAB43 TTHERM_01407950 RAB GTPase 43
RAB44 TTHERM_00558520 RAB GTPase 44
RAB45 TTHERM_00207260 RAB GTPase 45
RAB46 TTHERM_00209270 RAB GTPase 46
RAB47 TTHERM_000207258 RAB GTPase 47
RAB48 TTHERM_00201680 RAB GTPase 48
RAB49 TTHERM_00201690 RAB GTPase 49
RAB4A TTHERM_00001080
RAB4B TTHERM_01097960
RAB50 TTHERM_00201700 RAB GTPase 50
RAB51 TTHERM_00671970 RAB GTPase 51
RAB52 TTHERM_00024230 RAB GTPase 52
RAB53 TTHERM_00431230 RAB GTPase 53
RAB54 TTHERM_01079300 RAB GTPase 54
RAB55 TTHERM_00711970 RAB GTPase 55
RAB56 TTHERM_00107200 RAB GTPase 56
RAB57 TTHERM_00298510 RAB GTPase 57
RAB58 TTHERM_01041920 RAB GTPase 58
RAB59 TTHERM_00727520 RAB GTPase 59
RAB5A TTHERM_00711980
RAB5B TTHERM_00334520
RAB5C TTHERM_00614720 Rab V family protein; small monomeric GTPase that regulates membrane fusion and fission events
RAB60 TTHERM_00727540 RAB GTPase 60
RAB61 TTHERM_00784530 RAB GTPase 61
RAB62 TTHERM_01129680 RAB GTPase 62
RAB63 TTHERM_00194460 RAB GTPase 63
RAB64 TTHERM_00083660 RAB GTPase 64
RAB65 TTHERM_00083670 RAB GTPase 65
RAB66 TTHERM_00338360 RAB GTPase 66
RAB67 TTHERM_00059450 RAB GTPase 67
RAB68 TTHERM_00637520 RAB GTPase 68
RAB69 TTHERM_00290900 RAB GTPase 69
RAB6A TTHERM_00467760
RAB6B TTHERM_01079210
RAB6C TTHERM_00079900
RAB6D TTHERM_01164180
RAB7 TTHERM_00470810 RAB GTPase 7
RAB8B TTHERM_00225720 RAB GTPase 8B
RABX27 TTHERM_00780800 TTHERM_00780800
RABX29 TTHERM_00575490 Rab-like
RABX32 TTHERM_01085550 Rab-like
RABX33 TTHERM_00497270 Rab-like protein
RABX34 TTHERM_00320039 Rab-like protein
RABX35 TTHERM_00823440 Rab-like protein
RABXD1 TTHERM_00207240 Rab-like
RACK1 TTHERM_01113100 Receptor for Activated C Kinase 1
RAD10 TTHERM_00011650 RADiation sensitive 10
RAD16 TTHERM_00420480 helicase and ATPase activities; SNF2 ATPase with E3 Ubiquitin ligase RING domain
RAD23 TTHERM_00013290 RADiation sensitive 23
RAD27 TTHERM_00437617 5' to 3' exonuclease
RAD3L3 TTHERM_00588880 RADiation sensitive protein family 3-Like protein 3
RAD3L5 TTHERM_00586840 RADiation sensitive protein family 3-like protein 5
RAD3L6 TTHERM_00586851 RADiation sensitive protein family 3-like protein 6
RAD4 TTHERM_00825460 RADiation sensitive 4
RAD5 TTHERM_00037210 RADiation sensitive protein family 5
RAD50 TTHERM_00773790 Homolog of budding yeast Rad50
RAD51 TTHERM_00142330 Homolog of RADiation sensitive protein family 51
RAD54 TTHERM_00237490 Homolog of budding yeast RAD54
RAD5L4 TTHERM_00298220 RADiation sensitive protein family 5-like 4
RAM1  TTHERM_00248530 RAS protein and A-factor Maturation 
RAN1 TTHERM_00023980 RAN GTPase
RBN1 TTHERM_00046320 Regulator of Both Nuclear and cortical organization 1
RCL1 TTHERM_00361720 RNA terminal phosphate cyclase RCL1
RDF1 TTHERM_001207561 RDr1-associated Factor 1
RDF2 TTHERM_01207570 Rdr1-associated factor 2
RDN1 TTHERM_00094040 Rdr1-associated nucleotidyltransferase 1
RDN2 TTHERM_00094000 RDr1-associated Nucleotidyltransferase
RDR1 TTHERM_00853150 RNA-Dependent RNA polymerase 1
RebL1 TTHERM_00688660 Retinoblastoma binding protein 4/7-like 1 (RebL1)
REC8 TTHERM_00245660 RECombination 8
REV3 TTHERM_00437650 homolog to human REV3 a translesion DNA polymerase
REX1 TTHERM_00421200 RNA exonuclease REX1
REX2 TTHERM_00112610 RNA exonuclease REX2
REX4 TTHERM_00008800 RNA exonuclease REX4
RFA1 TTHERM_00106890 Homolog of budding yeast RFA1 and mouse RPA1
RFC1 TTHERM_00939110 Homolog of Replication factor C subunit 1
RFC2 TTHERM_00245150 Replication factor C sububit 2
RFC3 TTHERM_00213600 Replication factor C subunit 3
RFC4 TTHERM_00780750 Replication factor C subunit 4
RFC5 TTHERM_00161180 Replication factor C 5
RIB1 TTHERM_00474920 Conjugation-specific Mediator complex-associated protein Rib1 (Ripe Banana 1)
RIO1 TTHERM_00046680 RIO1 subfamily protein kinase
RIO2 TTHERM_00112910 RIO2 subfamily protein kinase
RLI1 TTHERM_00850570 RNase L Inhibitor 1
RLP1 TTHERM_00726370 RPA1-Like Protein 1
RLP2 TTHERM_00459400 RPA-Like Protein 2
RNH11 TTHERM_00535250 RNase H1.1
RNH12 TTHERM_01075590 RNase H1.2
RNH13 TTHERM_00283900 RNase H1.3
RNH2 TTHERM_00142290 RNase H2
RPA1 TTHERM_00047550 RNA Polymerase I largest subunit
RPA12 TTHERM_01016100 RNA polymerase I subunit 12
RPA2 TTHERM_01075780 RNA polymerase I subunit 2
RPB1 TTHERM_00538940 RNA polymerase II largest subunit
RPB10 TTHERM_00522180 RNA polymerase II subunit 10
RPB2 TTHERM_00077230 RNA Polymerase B
RPB3 TTHERM_00193849 RNA Polymerase II subunit 3
RPB4 TTHERM_00313550 RNA polymerase II subunit 4
RPB5 TTHERM_00941450 RNA polymerase II subunit 5
RPB6 TTHERM_00421170 RNA polymerase II subunit 6
RPB7 TTHERM_00446180 RNA polymerase II subunit 7
RPB81 TTHERM_00549610 RNA polymerase II subunit 8A
RPB82 TTHERM_00475220 RNA polymerases I, II,and III RNA common subunit RPB8B
RPB9 TTHERM_00245500 RNA polymerase II subunit 9
RPC1 TTHERM_00037340 RNA polymerase III largest subunit Rpc1
RPC11 TTHERM_00444250 RNA polymerase III complex subunit Rpc11
RPC19 TTHERM_00011760 RNA polymerases I and III common subunit Rpc19
RPC2 TTHERM_00085650 DNA-directed RNA polymerase III subunit RPC2
RPC25 TTHERM_00579280 DNA-dependent RNA polymerase III subunit Rpc25
RPC34 TTHERM_00370920 DNA-directed RNA polymerase III complex subunit Rpc34
RPC5 TTHERM_00094210 RNA polymerases I and III subunit 5
RPE1 TTHERM_00492730 Ribulose 5-Phosphate Epimerase
RPL10 TTHERM_01053000 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL11 TTHERM_00829380 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL12 TTHERM_00028740 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #12
RPL13 TTHERM_00578640 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL14 TTHERM_00697490 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL15 TTHERM_01289110 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL16 TTHERM_00732640 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #16
RPL17 TTHERM_00339810 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #17
RPL18 TTHERM_00338210 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #18
RPL19 TTHERM_00444510 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #19
RPL2 TTHERM_00716240 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit 2
RPL20 TTHERM_00476670 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #20
RPL21 TTHERM_00666540 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #21
RPL22 TTHERM_00227270 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #22
RPL23 TTHERM_00297140 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #23
RPL25 TTHERM_00134940 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #25
RPL26 TTHERM_00382350 Ribosomal Protein of the Large Subunit #26
RPL27 TTHERM_00780960 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #27
RPL29 TTHERM_00488340 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit
RPL3 TTHERM_00497880 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit
RPL30 TTHERM_00446280 ribosomal protein L30
RPL31 TTHERM_00943010 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #31
RPL32 TTHERM_00085180 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #32
RPL33 TTHERM_00992730 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #33
RPL34 TTHERM_00149630 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #34
RPL35 TTHERM_00561680 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #35
RPL36 TTHERM_01129660 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #36
RPL37 TTHERM_00837950 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit
RPL38 TTHERM_00812780 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #38
RPL4 TTHERM_00333210 Ribosomal Protein of the large subunit
RPL40 TTHERM_00339620 Ribosomal Protein of the Large Subunit #40
RPL42 TTHERM_00633150 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #42
RPL43 TTHERM_00075670 Ribosomal Protein of the Large subunit #43
RPL5 TTHERM_00736480 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL6 TTHERM_00136120 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL8 TTHERM_00773340 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPL9 TTHERM_01142730 Ribosomal protein of the large subunit
RPN1 TTHERM_00339610 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N1
RPN10 TTHERM_00471830 26S Proteasome Regulatory subunit N10
RPN11 TTHERM_00049450 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N11
RPN12 TTHERM_00649110 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N12
RPN13 TTHERM_01005130 26S proteasome regulatory subunit
RPN15 TTHERM_00227230 26 proteasome complex subunit DSS1
RPN2 TTHERM_00442210 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N2
RPN3 TTHERM_00446090 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N3
RPN5 TTHERM_00578940 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N5
RPN6 TTHERM_00378970 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N6
RPN7 TTHERM_00191240 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N7
RPN8 TTHERM_00267990 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N8
RPN9 TTHERM_00388440 26S proteasome regulatory subunit N9
RPP0 TTHERM_00636970 Ribosomal Protein P0 of the large subunit
RPS0 TTHERM_00522630 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit #0
RPS1 TTHERM_00047480 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 1
RPS10 TTHERM_01128560 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 10
RPS11 TTHERM_01109770 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 11
RPS12 TTHERM_00434040 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit
RPS13 TTHERM_00773330 Ribosomal Protein of the Small Subunit 13
RPS14 TTHERM_00765300 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 14
RPS15 TTHERM_00266390 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 15
RPS16 TTHERM_00706300 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 16
RPS17 TTHERM_000762881 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit
RPS18 TTHERM_00131110 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 18
RPS19 TTHERM_00823680 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit
RPS2 TTHERM_00193740 Ribosomal Protein of the Smalle subunit 2
RPS20 TTHERM_00992760 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 20
RPS22 TTHERM_00454080 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 22
RPS24 TTHERM_00467660 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 24
RPS25 TTHERM_00686220 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 25
RPS26 TTHERM_00463490 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 26
RPS27 TTHERM_01043090 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 27
RPS28 TTHERM_00105330 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 28
RPS29 TTHERM_00037090 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 29
RPS3 TTHERM_01151500 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 3
RPS30 TTHERM_00526450 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 30
RPS31 TTHERM_00686150 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 31
RPS4 TTHERM_00149300 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 4
RPS5 TTHERM_01386050 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 5
RPS6 TTHERM_00149798 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 6
RPS7 TTHERM_00471090 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 7
RPS9 TTHERM_00434070 Ribosomal Protein of the Small subunit 9
RPT1 TTHERM_00279670 26S proteasome regulatory subunit T1
RPT2 TTHERM_01014660 26S proteasome regulatory subunit T2
RPT3 TTHERM_00068110 26S proteasome regulatory subunit T3
RPT4 TTHERM_00469100 26S proteasome regulatory subunit T4
RPT5 TTHERM_00136360 26S proteasome regulatory subunit T5
RPT6 TTHERM_00551090 26S proteasome regulatory subunit T6
RRM1 TTHERM_00101140 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 1
RRM10 TTHERM_00318730 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 10
RRM11 TTHERM_00348880 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 11
RRM12 TTHERM_00353440 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 12
RRM13 TTHERM_00384810 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 13
RRM14 TTHERM_00399550 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 14
RRM15 TTHERM_00399610 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 15
RRM16 TTHERM_00408740 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 16
RRM17 TTHERM_00419990 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 17
RRM18 TTHERM_00421000 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 18
RRM2 TTHERM_00136430 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 2
RRM20 TTHERM_00421020 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 20
RRM21 TTHERM_00427410 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 21
RRM22 TTHERM_00443100 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 22
RRM23 TTHERM_00444130 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 23
RRM24 TTHERM_00444830 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 24
RRM25 TTHERM_00446190 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 25
RRM26 TTHERM_00456820 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 26
RRM27 TTHERM_00474850 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 27
RRM28 TTHERM_00484731 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 28
RRM29 TTHERM_00485820 RNA Recognition Motif-containing protein 29
RRM3 TTHERM_00151210 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 3
RRM30 TTHERM_000486877 RNA recognition motif protein
RRM31 TTHERM_00490750 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 31
RRM32 TTHERM_00494500 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 32
RRM33 TTHERM_00497860 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 33
RRM34 TTHERM_00497940 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 34
RRM35 TTHERM_00502180 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 35
RRM36 TTHERM_00538800 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 36
RRM37 TTHERM_00557810 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 37
RRM38 TTHERM_00600630 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 38
RRM39 TTHERM_00655870 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 39
RRM4 TTHERM_00161740 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 4
RRM40 TTHERM_00657460 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 40
RRM41 TTHERM_00658750 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 41
RRM42 TTHERM_00658770 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 42
RRM43 TTHERM_00683070 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 43
RRM44 TTHERM_00685970 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 44
RRM45 TTHERM_00706330 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 45
RRM46 TTHERM_00727690 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 46
RRM47 TTHERM_00729040 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 47
RRM48 TTHERM_00756450 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 48
RRM49 TTHERM_00852930 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 49
RRM5 TTHERM_00219250 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 5
RRM50 TTHERM_01050580 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 50
RRM51 TTHERM_00444880 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 51
RRM52 TTHERM_00898250 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 52
RRM53 TTHERM_01099050 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 53
RRM54 TTHERM_00267920 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 54
RRM55 TTHERM_00194550 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 55
RRM56 TTHERM_00101150 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 56
RRM57 TTHERM_00691350 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 57
RRM58 TTHERM_00857880 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 58
RRM59 TTHERM_00295340 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 59
RRM6 TTHERM_00248430 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 6
RRM60 TTHERM_00094120 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 60
RRM61 TTHERM_00047170 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 61
RRM62 TTHERM_00649100 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 62
RRM63 TTHERM_00023990 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 65
RRM64 TTHERM_00581500 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 64
RRM65 TTHERM_00023920 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 65
RRM66 TTHERM_00502500 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 66
RRM67 TTHERM_00703470 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 67
RRM68 TTHERM_00158460 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 68
RRM69 TTHERM_00245200 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 69
RRM7 TTHERM_00285680 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 7
RRM70 TTHERM_00051700 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 70
RRM8 TTHERM_00295330 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 8
RRM9 TTHERM_00301790 RNA recognition motif-containing protein 9
RRN3 TTHERM_00438910 RNA polymerase I specific transcription initiation factor RRN3
RRP12 TTHERM_00760630 ribosomal RNA processing protein 12
RRP4 TTHERM_00586540 exosome complex RRP4
RRP40 TTHERM_01050590 exosome component RRP40
RRP41 TTHERM_00691500 exosome complex exonuclease RRP41
RRP412 TTHERM_00584730 exosome complex exonuclease RRP41-2
RRP42 TTHERM_00726340 Exosome complex exonuclease RRP42
RRP45 TTHERM_00463140 exosome component RRP45
RRP5 TTHERM_00961910 rRNA processing protein 5
RRP61 TTHERM_00463370 exosome component RRP6-1
RRP62 TTHERM_00630430 exosome component RRP6-2
RRP63 TTHERM_00630440 exosome component RRP6-3
RRP64 TTHERM_01122740 exosome component RRP6-4
RRP8 TTHERM_00085250 ribosomal RNA processing protein 8
RRP9 TTHERM_00449570 ribosomal RNA processing protein 9
RRS1 TTHERM_00657270 arginyl-tRNA synthetase 1
RSP1 TTHERM_00782040 RNA Silencing Protein 1
RTEL1 TTHERM_00684490 homolog of Regulator of Telomere Elongation helicase 1
RVB1 TTHERM_00476820 RuVB-like
RVB2 TTHERM_00046920 RuVB-like
SAF1 TTHERM_00092790 SWI/SNF-associated factor 1
SAF2 TTHERM_00346460 SWI/SNF-associated factor 2
SAF3 TTHERM_00129650 SWI/SNF-associated factor 3
SAF4 TTHERM_00637690 SWI/SNF-associated factor 4
SAF5 TTHERM_00241840 SWI/SNF-associated factor 5
SAK1 TTHERM_01046870 Snk/Plk-Akin Kinase
SAK2 TTHERM_00923040
SAP1 TTHERM_00355040 Swc4-associated protein 1
SAP2 TTHERM_00046150 Swc4-associated protein 2
SAP3 TTHERM_00170260 Swc4-associated protein 3
SAP30 TTHERM_00392980
SAS6A TTHERM_00388200
SBP1 TTHERM_00825540 Sedoheptulose-BisPhosphatase 1
SCAR1 TTHERM_00538980 Signal Cascade AKT Regulator 1
SCC2 TTHERM_00678460 Sister Chromatid Cohesion protein 2
SCC3 TTHERM_00225630 Sister Chromatid Cohesion 3
SCL1 TTHERM_00106960 20S proteasome core alpha subunit 1
SEC1 TTHERM_00355870 SECretory
SEC11 TTHERM_01093560 SECretory
SEC141 TTHERM_00292140 SECretory pathway (SEC14 homolog)
SEC142 TTHERM_00285520 SECretory pathway (SEC14 homolog)
SEC143 TTHERM_01068300 SECretory pathway (SEC14 homolog)
SEC144 TTHERM_00494848 SECretory pathway (SEC14 homolog)
SEC145 TTHERM_00188370 SECretory pathway (SEC14 homolog)
SEC22 TTHERM_00727840 protein transport protein sec22
SEC23 TTHERM_00474750 protein transport protein Sec23
SEC24 TTHERM_00992820 translocation protein SEC24
SEC61 TTHERM_00530790 translocation protein SEC61
SEC62 TTHERM_00666300 translocation protein SEC62
SEC63 TTHERM_00443010 translocation protein SEC63
SEH1 TTHERM_00954180 nucleoporin Seh1
SEMI1 TTHERM_00985030 selected haploid micronucleus 1
SEN1 TTHERM_00189400 putative helicase SEN1
SEN2 TTHERM_00011340 putative helicase SEN2
SEP1 TTHERM_00994080 SEPtin 1
SEP2 TTHERM_00316560 SEPtin 2
SEP3 TTHERM_00989350 SEPtin 3
SerH TTHERM_00606960
SERJ TTHERM_00775870 SerJ surface antigen; glycosyl phosphatidyl inositol (GPI)-linked cell surface antigen; regulated pr
SerL TTHERM_00594350
SET1 TTHERM_00486440
SFB2 TTHERM_00138430 transport protein SFB2
SFR1 TTHERM_00463380 SFi1 Repeat 1
SFR10 TTHERM_00392670 Sfi1 repeat protein
SFR11 TTHERM_00421190 Sfi1 repeat protein
SFR12 TTHERM_00999030 Sfi1 repeat protein
SFR13 TTHERM_00522830 Sfi1 repeat protein
SFR2 TTHERM_00925730 Sfi1 Repeat containing protein
SFR3 TTHERM_00522410 Sfi1 repeat containing protein
SFR4 TTHERM_00899420 Sfi1 Repeat containing protein
SFR5 TTHERM_00466130 Sfi1 Repeat containing protein
SFR6 TTHERM_00547950 Sfi1 Repeat containing protein
SFR7 TTHERM_00058810 Sfi1 repeat protein
SFR8 TTHERM_00059100 Sfi1 repeat protein
SFR9 TTHERM_00997760 Sfi1 repeat protein
SGS1 TTHERM_01030000 Homolog of budding yeast Sgs1 and fission yeast rqh1
SHQ1 TTHERM_00497540 Small nucleolar RNAs of the box H/ACA family Quantitative accumulation
SIT1 TTHERM_00094220 Scramblase In Tetrahymena 1
SKP1 TTHERM_00426320 Skp1 homolog
SLN1  TTHERM_00711790 Synthetic Lethal of N-end rule
SLP1 TTHERM_00999090 Scramblase-Like Protein 1
SMC1 TTHERM_01048090 Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes 1
SMC2 TTHERM_00812950 structural maintenance of chromosomes
SMC3 TTHERM_00294810 Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes 3
SMC4 TTHERM_00446400 Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes
SMPD1 TTHERM_00548030 SphingoMyelinase PhophoDiesterase 1
SMT3 TTHERM_00410130 Suppressor of Mif Two 3
SNF12 TTHERM_00925560
SNF2 TTHERM_00388250
SNF5 TTHERM_00304150
SNF8 TTHERM_00449090 Sucrose NonFermenting
SNM1 TTHERM_000697499 homolog of Sensitive to Nitrogen Mustard 1 (SNM1) nuclease
SNML1 TTHERM_00433640 Sensitive to Nitrogen Mustard 1 nuclease-like protein 1
SNP1 TTHERM_00420740 SNurPortin 1
SOR1 TTHERM_00420610 Sortilin 1
SOR2 TTHERM_00410210 Sortilin 2
SOR3 TTHERM_00467390 Sortilin 3
SOR4 TTHERM_00313130 Sortilin 4
SPA1 TTHERM_00840020 homolog to human (Spartan (c1orf124)
SPI1 TTHERM_00540050 Serine Proteinase Inhibitor 1
SPO11 TTHERM_00627090 Ortholog of budding yeast SPO11
SPS1 TTHERM_00522580 SelenoPhosphate Synthetase
SPT14  TTHERM_00449060 SuPpressor of Ty 
SPT5 TTHERM_00028580 SuPpressor of Ty's
SPT6 TTHERM_01093550 SuPressor of Tys 6
SQS1 TTHERM_00382150 SQualene Synthase 1
SRS1 TTHERM_00114360 seryl-tRNA synthetase 1
SRVW1 TTHERM_00001420 Starvation-Response Von Willebrand factor 1
SSA3 TTHERM_00125640 HSP70a paralog
SSA4 TTHERM_01080440 HSP70a paralog
SSA5 TTHERM_00558440 HSP70a paralog
SSA6 TTHERM_00171850 HSP70a paralog
SSS1 TTHERM_00579270 Sec61-gamma subunit of protein SSS1
STD1 TTHERM_01049310 Sugar Transport and Distribution
STF1 TTHERM_00225770 Solute Transport Facilitator 1
STK1 TTHERM_00532680 Serine/Threonine Kinase 1
STP1 TTHERM_00131260 Standard Transport Protein
STX7L1 TTHERM_00420770 SynTaXin 7 Like 1
SUB1 TTHERM_00046120 transcriptional coactivator SUB1
SWC2 TTHERM_00388500 SWR complex component
SWC5 TTHERM_00136450
SWI1 TTHERM_00243900
SWI3 TTHERM_00584840
TAD1 TTHERM_00389830 tRNA-specific adenosine deaminase 1
TAD3 TTHERM_00170240 tRNA-specific adenosine deaminase 3
TAF6 TTHERM_00787360 TATA Binding Protein Associated Factor 6
TAP1 TTHERM_00526730 Tetrahymena Amino acid Permease
TAP19 TTHERM_00658760 Telomerase- (or TERT-) associated protein of 19 kDa
TAP45 TTHERM_00083360 Telomerase- (or TERT-) Associated Protein
TAP50 TTHERM_01049190 Telomerase- (or TERT-) associated protein of 50 kDa
TAP65 TTHERM_00318530 Telomerase- (or TERT-) associated protein of 65 kDa
TAP75 TTHERM_00059040 Telomerase- (or TERT-) Associated Protein
TASS1 TTHERM_00933110 Telomere ASSociated
TBP1 TTHERM_00575350 TATA-Binding Protein
TBP2 TTHERM_00082170 TATA-box-binding protein 2
TBS1 TTHERM_00402039 Fusion of SEC7-family GTPase and TBC1 domain GTPase activator
TBS2 TTHERM_00470500 Fusion of SEC7-family GTPase and TBC1 domain GTPase activator
TCB1 TTHERM_00495950 Tetrahymena Calcium-Binding protein
TCB2 TTHERM_00068170 Tetrahymena Calcium-Binding 2
TCDK3 TTHERM_00483640 Tetrahymena Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 3
TCE1 TTHERM_00590370 Tetrahymena Cation-Exchanger
TCP1 TTHERM_00122290 TCP1 Ortholog
TCT1A TTHERM_00485800
TCT1B TTHERM_00782060
TDH1 TTHERM_00551160 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1
TDH2 TTHERM_00554190 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
TDP1 TTHERM_00723650 a member of the phospholipase D family
TDP2 TTHERM_00427490 a member of the phospholipase D family
TEB1 TTHERM_00218760 TElomerase DNA Binding subunit 1; also known as Telomerase- (or TERT-) associated protein of 82 kDa
TER1 TTHERM_00997620 Tetrahymena Endoplasmic reticulum Retrieval receptor
TERT1 TTHERM_00112560 telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT); unique gene in Tetrahymena
TFA TTHERM_00678260 Tetrahymena homolog of the liver F-Antigen
TFB2 TTHERM_00152050 RNA polymerase II transcription factor B subunit 2
TFC4 TTHERM_00683400 TFIIIC subunit 4
TGL1 TTHERM_00723090 TriGlyceride Lipase 1
TGL10 TTHERM_00143570 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL2 TTHERM_00013720 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL3 TTHERM_00112930 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL4 TTHERM_00570540 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL4  TTHERM_00548040 TriacylGlycerol Lipase
TGL5 TTHERM_00701020 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL6 TTHERM_00378810 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL7 TTHERM_00112940 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL8 TTHERM_00158170 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGL9 TTHERM_00313400 TriGlyceride Lipase
TGP1 TTHERM_00499420 Tetrahymena G-DNA binding Protein
TGP2 TTHERM_00043870 Tetrahymena G-DNA binding Protein
TGP3 TTHERM_00499440 Tetrahymena G-DNA binding Protein
TGS1 TTHERM_00151600 Trimethyl Guanosine Synthase 1
TGT1 TTHERM_00494100 tRNA-guanine transglycosylase 1
TGT2 TTHERM_00405550 tRNA-guanine transglycosylase 2
THC1 TTHERM_01008630 Tetrahymanol cyclase
THD1 TTHERM_00647330 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 1
THD10 TTHERM_00859330 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 10
THD11 TTHERM_00313730 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 11
THD12 TTHERM_01018450 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 12
THD13 TTHERM_00672190 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 13
THD14 TTHERM_00526990 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 14
THD15 TTHERM_00112480 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 15
THD16 TTHERM_00194150 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 16
THD17 TTHERM_00833750 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 17
THD18 TTHERM_00833740 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 18
THD18 TTHERM_00194149
THD2 TTHERM_00621610 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 2
THD3 TTHERM_00663840 Tetrahymena histone deacetylase 3
THD4 TTHERM_01014700 Tetrahymena histone deacetylase 4
THD5 TTHERM_00395710 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 5
THD6 TTHERM_00502610 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 6
THD7 TTHERM_00031680 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 7
THD8 TTHERM_01018420 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 8
THD9 TTHERM_00242580 Tetrahymena Histone Deacetylase 9
THG1 TTHERM_00085230 tRNA His guanylyltransferase 1
TIC1 TTHERM_00327330 Transmembrane Ion Channel 1
TIF1 TTHERM_00048810 Type I element binding Factor 1
TIS11  TTHERM_00398090 similar to the mammalian TPA Induced Sequence gene family
TKI1 TTHERM_00823520 Tetrahymena Kazal-type proteinase Inhibitor
TKT1 TTHERM_00112550 TransKeTolase
TKU71 TTHERM_00561799
TKU80 TTHERM_00492460 Tetrahymena KU80 ortholog
TMK1 TTHERM_00263130 dTMP kinase
TMLH1 TTHERM_00127000 Tetrahymena homolog of budding yeast MLH1
TNT1 TTHERM_00501000 tRNA-nucleotidyltransferase 1
TOP1 TTHERM_01299650 Topoisomerase I
TOP2 TTHERM_00825440 TOPoisomerase II
TOP2B TTHERM_00456750 TOPoisomerase 2B
TOP3 TTHERM_00497920 TOPoisomerase III
TOR1  TTHERM_00147600 Target Of Rapamycin
TPA1 TTHERM_00245100 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA10 TTHERM_00499470 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA11 TTHERM_00696910 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA12 TTHERM_00249790 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA2 TTHERM_00700900 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA3 TTHERM_01150350 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA4 TTHERM_01149312 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA5 TTHERM_00508970 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA6 TTHERM_00508990 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA7 TTHERM_00420880 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA8 TTHERM_01084370 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPA9 TTHERM_00923170 Tetrahymena P-type ATPase
TPB1 TTHERM_000309879 Tetrahymena PiggyBac transposase 1
TPB2 TTHERM_01107220 Tetrahymena PiggyBac transposase 2
TPB7 TTHERM_00616500 Tetrahymena PiggyBac transposase 7
TPD3  TTHERM_00766530 tRNA Processing Deficient
TPK1  TTHERM_00433420 Takashi's Protein Kinase
TPS2 TTHERM_00077390 Trehalose-6-phosphate PhoSphatase
TPT1 TTHERM_00854280 tRNA 2'-phosphotransferase 1
TRA2 TTHERM_00979770
TRF5 TTHERM_00569420 Topoisomerase one-Related Function
TRM1 TTHERM_00636860 TRNA Methyltransferase 1
TRM11 TTHERM_00051970 TRNA Methyltransferase 11
TRM112 TTHERM_00705190 TRNA Methyltransferase 112
TRM2 TTHERM_00437560 TRNA Methyltransferase 2
TRM3 TTHERM_00218280 TRNA Methyltransferase 3
TRM4 TTHERM_01166310 TRNA Methyltransferase 4
TRM5 TTHERM_01624890 TRNA Methyltransferase 5
TRM6 TTHERM_01623882 TRna Methyltransferase
TRM7 TTHERM_00684460 TRNA Methyltransferase 7
TRM8 TTHERM_00621400 TRNA Methyltransferase 8
TRM9 TTHERM_01143900 tRNA methyltransferase9
TRS1 TTHERM_00194650 Threonyl-tRNA synthetase 1
TSG1 TTHERM_01132890 Tumor Susceptibility Gene 1
TSL1 TTHERM_00338300 C.elegan Homolog, SL2 trans-splice leader acceptor site.
TTL10 TTHERM_00404280 Tubulin-Tyrosine Ligase
TTL14 TTHERM_00705080 Tubulin-Tyrosine Ligase
TTL4 TTHERM_00859290 Tubulin-Tyrosine Ligase
TTLL1 TTHERM_00136210 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL10A TTHERM_00586750 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL10B TTHERM_00942750 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL10C TTHERM_00852920 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL10E TTHERM_01109810 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL10F TTHERM_00599750 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL12A TTHERM_00913400 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL12B TTHERM_00702240 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14A TTHERM_00502360 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14B TTHERM_00624190 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14C TTHERM_00997770 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14D TTHERM_00299600
TTLL14E TTHERM_00408780 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14F TTHERM_00418200 Similar to tubulin tyrosine ligase
TTLL14G TTHERM_01341600 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14H TTHERM_001084299 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase
TTLL14I TTHERM_00295800 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14J TTHERM_00170310 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14K TTHERM_00475230 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14L TTHERM_00549600 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14M TTHERM_01295310 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14O TTHERM_00442460 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14P TTHERM_00035680 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14Q TTHERM_00149550 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like 14Q
TTLL14R TTHERM_00784660 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14S TTHERM_00068090 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL14T TTHERM_00238750 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL15A TTHERM_00532260 Related to tubulin tyrosine ligase
TTLL15B TTHERM_00348000
TTLL15C TTHERM_00530520 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL2 TTHERM_00193570 Related to tubulin polyglutamylase
TTLL3A TTHERM_00666600 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL3B TTHERM_00125600 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL3C TTHERM_00770730 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL3D TTHERM_00316230 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL3E TTHERM_00378750 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL4A TTHERM_00758970 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL4B TTHERM_00985000 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL4D TTHERM_00837850 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL4E TTHERM_00564100 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL6A TTHERM_00284020 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL6B TTHERM_00145320 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL6D TTHERM_00438840 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL6E TTHERM_00077290 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTLL6F TTHERM_00327110
TTLL9 TTHERM_00773080 Tubulin Tyrosine Ligase-Like
TTN1 TTHERM_00600110 Tetrahymena Tudor Nuclease 1
TTN2 TTHERM_00726050 Tetrahymena Tudor Nuclease 2
TTN4 TTHERM_00474830 TeTriN (D) 4
TTNA TTHERM_00006320 TeTriN A
TTNB TTHERM_00052160 TeTriN B
TTNC TTHERM_00545820 Tetrin C
TTP80 TTHERM_00429730 Tetrahymena Thermophila Protein
TTP95 TTHERM_00985160 p95
TTS1 TTHERM_00191450
TTU3 TTHERM_00077240 Tetrahymena Thermophila polyUbiquitin 3
TWI1 TTHERM_01161040 Tetrahymena piWI 1
TWI10 TTHERM_01132860 Tetrahymena piWI 10
TWI11 TTHERM_00144830 Tetrahymena piWI 11
TWI12 TTHERM_00653810 Tetrahymena piWI 12
TWI2 TTHERM_00506900 Tetrahymena piWI 2
TWI3 TTHERM_00503901 Tetrahymena piWI 3
TWI4 TTHERM_00506910 Tetrahymena piWI 4
TWI5 TTHERM_00503912 Tetrahymena piWI 5
TWI6 TTHERM_000503900 Tetrahymena piWI 6
TWI7 TTHERM_00600450 Tetrahymena Piwi 7
TWI8 TTHERM_00449120 Tetrahymena piWI 8
TWI9 TTHERM_00203030 Tetrahymena Piwi 9
TXR1 TTHERM_00256950 Trithorax-related protein 1
UBA1 TTHERM_00997780 Ubiquitin-Activating enzyme; UBA1 ortholog
UBA12 TTHERM_00028560 Ubiquitin-Activating enzyme; UBA1 ortholog
UBA13 TTHERM_00481290 Ubiquitin-Activating enzyme; UBA1 ortholog
UBA14 TTHERM_00149190 Ubiquitin-Activating enzyme; UBA1 ortholog
UBA15 TTHERM_00241900 Ubiquitin Activating Enzyme 1 paralog
UBA2 TTHERM_00391590 Ubiquitin Activating enzyme 2
UBA22 TTHERM_00092840 UBA2 Paralog
UBA4 TTHERM_00554610 UBiquitin-Activating enzyme 4
UBA5 TTHERM_00584550 ubiquitin-activating enzyme 5
UBC2 TTHERM_000550712 E2 UBiquitin-Conjugating enzyme
UBC4 TTHERM_01341620 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme; UBC4 ortholog
UBC45 TTHERM_00218380 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme 4 paralog
UBC5 TTHERM_01082940 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme; UBC5 ortholog
UBC52 TTHERM_00290880 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme; UBC5 paralog
UBC9 TTHERM_00522720 Ubiquitin conjugating enzyme 9
UBI4 TTHERM_00802330 UBIquitin homolog 4
UBP12  TTHERM_00825230 UBiquitin-specific Protease
UCN2 TTHERM_01123950 homolog to human UBE2N (UBC13)
UCV2 TTHERM_00670590 Ubiquitin-Conjugating enzyme E2 Variant 2
UDH1 TTHERM_00730300 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 1
UDH10 TTHERM_00723610 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 10
UDH11 TTHERM_00888060 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 11
UDH12 TTHERM_00864890 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 12
UDH2 TTHERM_00490530 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 2
UDH3 TTHERM_00490560 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 3
UDH4 TTHERM_00128620 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 4
UDH5 TTHERM_00128640 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 5
UDH6 TTHERM_00128650 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 6
UDH7 TTHERM_00674502 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase
UDH8 TTHERM_00674500 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 8
UDH9 TTHERM_00829440 UvrD/REP-family DNA helicase 9
UFD1 TTHERM_00355130 ubiquitin fusion degradation 1
UFM1 TTHERM_00193860 ubiquitin fold modifier 1
ULP1 TTHERM_00348200 Ubiquitin-Like Protease 1
ULP2 TTHERM_00077170 Ubiquitin-Like Protease 2
ULP3 TTHERM_00442480 Ubiqiutin-Like Protease 1 paralog
UNG1 TTHERM_00794250 Uracil DNA N-Glycosylase
UPF1 TTHERM_00726300 UP-Frameshift 1
UPFL1 TTHERM_00146330 UP-Frameshift protein-Like 1
URA7  TTHERM_00459390 URAcil requiring
URM1 TTHERM_00649400 Ubiquitin Related Modifier 1; URM1 ortholog
UTP11 TTHERM_00316240 Predicted U3 snoRNP protein Utp11
UTP13 TTHERM_00046770 Predicted U3 snoRNP-associated protein Utp13
UTP14 TTHERM_00637800 small nucleolar ribonucleoprotein complex subunit Utp14
UTP15 TTHERM_00530130 U3 snoRNP protein Utp15
UTP18 TTHERM_00425950 U3 small nucleolar RNA-associated protein UTP18 homolog
UTP20 TTHERM_00557930 U3 snoRNP protein Utp20 (predicted)
UTP21 TTHERM_00647070 Predicted U3 snoRNP protein Utp21
UTP4 TTHERM_00429830 Predicted U3 snoRNP protein Utp4
UTP7 TTHERM_00190620 Predicted U3 snoRNP-associated protein Utp7
VDAC4 TTHERM_00117590 Voltage Dependent Anion selective Channel 4
VMA1 TTHERM_00339640 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA10 TTHERM_00052460 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA11 TTHERM_00112470 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA16 TTHERM_00218330 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA2 TTHERM_00529860 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA4 TTHERM_00193660 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA5 TTHERM_00105320 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA6 TTHERM_00433470 vacuolar ATP synthase
VMA7 TTHERM_00047070 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA8 TTHERM_00821870 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VMA9 TTHERM_00474480 Vacuolar Membrane Atpase
VPS11 TTHERM_01205260 vacuolar protein sorting 11
VPS16A TTHERM_00370870 vacuolar protein sorting 16A
VPS16B TTHERM_00294740 vacuolar protein sorting 16B
VPS18A TTHERM_00242090 vacuolar protein sorting 18A
VPS18B TTHERM_00463740 vacuolar protein sorting 18B
VPS18C TTHERM_00292270 vacuolar protein sorting 18C
VPS18D TTHERM_00410250 vacuolar protein sorting 18D
VPS25 TTHERM_00055970 Vacuolar Sorting Protein 25
VPS26 TTHERM_01124000 Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 26
VPS33A TTHERM_00355020 vacuolar protein sorting 33A
VPS33B TTHERM_000077749 vacuolar protein sorting 33B
VPS34 TTHERM_00649380 Tetrahymena ortholog to yeast Vps34 and human PiK3c3
VPS3A TTHERM_01141590 vacuolar protein sorting 3A
VPS3B TTHERM_000777289 vacuolar protein sorting 3B
VPS41 TTHERM_00036960 Vacuolar Protein Sorting 4-1
VPS42 TTHERM_00989490 Vacuolar Protein Sorting 4-2
VPS8A TTHERM_00290710 vacuolar protein sorting 8A
VPS8B TTHERM_00393150 vacuolar protein sorting 8B
VPS8C TTHERM_00716100 vacuolar protein sorting 8C
VPS8D TTHERM_00532700 vacuolar protein sorting 8D
VPS8E TTHERM_00691590 vacuolar protein sorting 8E
VPS8F TTHERM_00384890 vacuolar protein sorting 8F
VPSK4 TTHERM_01128570 Vacuolar Protein Sorting-associated protein K4
VRS1 TTHERM_00471530 valyl-tRNA synthetase 1
VWAT1 TTHERM_00471620 Von Willebrand factor A Type 1
VWAT28 TTHERM_00248470 von Willebrand protein -number 28 comes from it being my special number.
VWAT29 TTHERM_00248480 von Willebrand protein- gene duplicate of VWAT28
VWAT9 TTHERM_00344270 domain protein; VWF, type A
WAG1 TTHERM_00299879 W And G motifs 1
WASP TTHERM_00418590 Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein
Wdc1 TTHERM_000709589 WD40 domain containing 1
WDR1 TTHERM_00678190 WD40 Repeat containing protein 1
WDR5 TTHERM_00433690 WD-repeat protein 5
WEE1 TTHERM_00146080 WEE1-like protein kinase
WRS1 TTHERM_00500890 Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase 1
WRS2 TTHERM_00997610 Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase 2
XLF1 TTHERM_00294660 XRCC4-like factor
XPB1 TTHERM_00529620 homolog of Xeroderma Pigmentosum type B protein 1
XPF1 TTHERM_000160559 homolog of Xeroderma Pigmentosum group F-complementing protein 1
XRN1 TTHERM_00645780 5'-3' exoribonuclease 1
XRN2 TTHERM_00145270 5'-3' exoribonuclease 2
XRN3 TTHERM_00663830 5'-3' exoribonuclease 3
YAF9 TTHERM_00561450
YDJ1  TTHERM_00865270 Yeast dnaJ
YPK2 TTHERM_00637810 Yeast Protein Kinase
YPT31  TTHERM_00316600 Yeast Protein Two
YRK4 TTHERM_00348940 dual specificity tYrosine phosphorylation Regulated Kinase 4
YRS1 TTHERM_00047530 tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase 1
YRS2 TTHERM_00149980 tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase 2
YRS3 TTHERM_00300470 tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase
YUH1 TTHERM_00535810 Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase 1
ZEF1 TTHERM_00317400 Zinc finger/nuclear Export Factor fusion
ZFR1 TTHERM_01285910 Zinc Finger-Related 1
ZFR2 TTHERM_00637350 Zinc Finger-Related 2
ZFR3 TTHERM_00531890 Zinc Finger-Related 3
ZHP3 TTHERM_00049220 Zip3 Homologous Protein 3